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inspire award (Manak) selected students list 2021 - Gujarat All District

Inspire Award list 2020-21 : Gujarat na Tamam Jillao na Select Thayela Vidhyarthio nu list. List of selected students from all the districts of Gujarat state.

On Line Nominations for 2020-21 under revamped INSPIRE Award Scheme - MANAK.  Regarding the above subject, it is to be mentioned that under INSPIRE Award scheme - MANAK, online school registration and nomination for the year 2020-21 has started from 1st June 2020.  This requires all schools to complete the registration and nomination process.  This has also been discussed in the VC with the Principal.  In this regard, it is requested to coordinate with the concerned representatives in the district and make efforts to make more and more on-line nominations

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The project submitted by the schools by the district authority has to be approved by the cinosis and forwarded to the state authority.  Inform all schools from your level.  The project synopsis has to be uploaded with all the details required during the nomination.  Not to upload a video about the project.  During the on-line nomination, regarding the name of the student, you should make a special emphasis on the same name that is in the bank account and also the correct name of the student's bank account

inspire award online entree - jaruri margdarshan & suchano
(Aa inovation vichar ma mara shixak ke mata-pita ke any koi no sahayog nathi.. Aa maro maulik vichar 6...) 
 inspire award yojna new dilhi vigyan ane technology bhavan ayojit 6...
cluster kaxa- taluka kaxa - jilla kaxa - rajya kaxa ane tyar bad rashtra kaxa sudhi potanu model raju kari shakay 6...

Aa yojna varsh 2017 thi 2022 sudhi karyrat 6...
 keva prakarna nomination karva ? :- shalakiy balakona maulik vichar-project-navachar ke je samajni judi judi samasyao nu samadhan kare ane te uprant gharelu ane shramiko na shram ne ochu karva na upayogo ane teni kary xamata ema vadharo karva ni sathe sathe sevao ne asan banavi shake...

Pursuant to Subject 2 above, NIF seeks to provide information on On Line nominations for 2020-21 through video meetings with Diet Science Advisors and District BRCs, CRCs and teachers.  In this regard, in order to maintain representation from your level to the district, 50 to 60 participants are selected and asked to send the information in the prescribed form to NIF ( by e-mail.

 Include the name of the district, name of the participants, name of BRC / CRC / school, e-mail, contact number and name and contact number of the science consultant.  More information can be found at

kon bhag lai shake ? :- (sarkari school ma abhyas karta dhoran 6 thi 10 etle ke 10 thi 15 varsh na vidhyarthio

What is the meaning of Inspire Award?
Who is eligible for Inspire Award?
What is the full form of Inspire?
What is inspire Programme?

gujarati-english ane hindi paiki koi pan ek bhasha ma file taiyar kari Aa file nomination vakhate farjiyat upload karvi..

vidhyarthi nu name , umar, dhoran, school nu name ane address, gharnu sarnamu ane mobile number, inovation vichar nu shirshak , samasya ane samadhan vivaran, foto ke chitr hoy to.... ane ek bohedhari patrak be liti ma chhelle...

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inspire award selected students list 2020 Gujarat All District

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