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Shixak Service book Entry mate Example ane Entry mate Jaruri Document nu list | Primary Teachers ni Service Book Ma Kyare Ane Kai Kai Entry Karavi Tenu List. Service Book Entry E Darek Government Employee Mate Agatya no Dastavej chhe. Aa Service Book Ma Kai Kai Entry Karavavi Ane Kaya Prasange Entry Karvi Tena mate Ahi List ni PDF file mukel chhe. je darek Shixak ne khas upayogi Thashe

Example for Entry in the Teacher Service Book | Service book ma Entry mate na namuna

service book Entry for teachers:

All primary schools in the state of Gujarat are being taken on Saturday on the last Saturday of each week according to the units of each subject. After taking this test, the students who are not tested in the test, have been tested separately by the test teacher and rehabilitation is taken.

teachers service book entries :

Aa sathe darek kasoti mate Adhyayan nishpattio pan Nodh karvani hoy chhe. tena Mate Ahi Ekam Kasoti number 8 thi 10 ni Adhyayan Nishpattio na Number Aapva ma Avel chhe. Je darek Teachers Ne Khubaj upayogi Thashe. Aa Adhyayan Nishpatti Nicheni link parthi Download kari shako chho. 

application for duplicate service book

In the earlier meeting, the date from which date should be 1.1 to 30.06 and 1.08 to 31.12.  Now showing the date of the vacation from which date such as the summer vacation date is 5/5/2017 to 10/6/2017 and showing the same amount of leave as shown in the order.

 Such as 19 or 14 or 11 (as per order) and in detail to show a short Diwali vacation or summer vacation and order number and date.  This means that the vacation date on which the vacation is granted should be obtained on the order of the teacher and, if not, obtained from the old teacher attendance sheet. Remember that 30 calendar holidays a calendar year doesn't get much more than that.)

List of documents required for entry in the service book

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