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Woman's day special Material PDF for All primary schools - Download

Download pdf of information about the great women of India. The resolution stipulates special leave for employees of fixed pay.  According to this resolution, special holidays are given by the office of the district / town primary education committee in the state to provide benefit to the students who are in the primary schools.  The letter was proposed by the letter dated 10/05/2019.  According to the Remarks of the Finance Department, "the employee under the proposal is an employee of the education department.

 Employees appointed by the finance department's fixed pay policy do not receive this benefit.  "Therefore, the proposal of this office has been rejected by the finance department with the letter of reference - 2 of the education department.

 Thus, special holidays (special leave) are not available to the students if the proposal made by this office is rejected by the finance department.  Therefore, if such holidays are sanctioned to the students who are serving in the primary schools owned by your district / town education committee, then the leave deducted on such days shall be treated as paid leave.  This should be noted with the services of the concerned legislator.  Due to this, their salary structure  W  Std.  If other economic benefits are affected then the process including reclamation orders should be completed within 30 days.

Woman's day special Material PDF for All primary schools - Download

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