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"GSHEB Gujarat" YouTube Channel na Video STD 9 thi 12 na Vidhyarthio ne Jova Babat Paripatra & Channel

Gujarat Madhyamik Ane Uchchatar madhyamik Shikshan Board - Gandhinagar Dvaara Tamam Schools ane Students mate Aa Letter karel chhe. Tema Gujarat Education Department ni YouTube Channel ni Link ane Sathe Board na Textbook mate ni Link pan aapel chhe. Aa Youtube Channel Par Upload Karyakramo , Video Nihalva Babate Aa Letter ma Janavel chhe. Vadhu Information Mate Letter Juo.

Includes guidelines and videos for how to survey and make entries.  The first thing to do is to give priority to persons from abroad and then to ensure that all the population is surveyed.

 The list of persons from overseas is available in the dashboard and field workers' mobiles in the district, and includes a guideline for the work done under it. Micro planning for the survey will be done by the Chief District Health Officer in all the districts and the Medical Officer of Health in the corporation.

 The survey will consist of a team of two persons in which one employee will be writing paramedical staff and one employee will be writing non-paramedical staff.

GSHEB Gujarat YouTube Channel
GSHEB Gujarat YouTube Channel 

 Paramedical staff includes FHW, MPHW and ASHA sisters. The non-para medical staff will have to retain the education staff, anganwadi worker or other department employee.

 The co-ordination of this program will be done by the Collector and the Municipal Commissioner in the Corporation in each district.  - The suspected cases found during the survey will have to be entered in the OPD module by the Medical Officer.  (guideline and video will be made available).

 All district will have to have intensive supervision under survey by the Chief District Health Officer and Medical Officers Health in the corporation.

 If you have any questions regarding the Taco Plus application you should contact the Taco Coordinator in the district or contact

 The Head to House Survey will be completed in day-4. Introduction of Primary Teacher Association on keeping up the time of primary schools in the state of Gujarat.  Following the directive given by the Government under the Corona virus to stop the educational program in schools for two weeks as a precautionary measure.

 Cory's virus is widespread worldwide.  Government of India and Government of Gujarat are also taking steps in public interest.  Various steps are being taken in Gujarat and India to prevent corona virus.  The Government of Gujarat has also decided to discontinue the educational work in public colleges for two weeks ie from 16-03-2020 to 29-03-2020, and all employees belonging to the educational institutes have been asked to perform the same function in their timely duty.

 It is requested that school hours be reserved for non-teaching activities in the primary schools, so that academic work is closed and children are not present in the school.  In addition, in the past, school time has been made in the morning since March 15 due to heat and drinking water problems.  To request that you be instructed to schedule school hours so that uniformity can be maintained in primary schools across the state so that the corona virus can be monitored as well as administered at school, even in the morning.

"GSHEB Gujarat" YouTube Channel na Video STD 9 thi 12 na Vidhyarthio ne Jova Babat Paripatra & Channel