National Talent Search Exam (NTSE) -2020 | A Super Scholarship Examination Guideline Step by Step - Read SEB Notice

The first phase examination for National Talent Search Test (NTSE - 2020) Scholarship for students studying in Std. 10 of the current academic year by Gujarat State Examination Board was conducted by State Examination Board, Gandhinagar on Sunday 03/11/2020. 

According to the notice issued by N. C. E. R. T., New Delhi from 20th April 2020, the second phase (Stage-II) examination of NTSE was scheduled to be held on 10th May 2020 which was postponed due to COVID-19 epidemic.  came .
 All the concerned students will be informed about the new date of the examination.  The NCERT website is advised to check the date of the second phase examination regularly.

Considering the overall aspects of the aforesaid multiplication, as per the provision of the resolution of the Department of Education, each c.  R .  C.  After inspecting the location and work of the talented teacher through face-to-face interview, he prepared a list of three names for the "talented teacher", before the taluka committee on.  Dated instead of 04/04/2020.  Must be placed by Wednesday 20/05/2020.

 The taluka committee for the 20% weightage as per the criteria given in the resolution of the education department c.  R .  C.  After inspecting the three names through face to face interview, evaluated the list of three names in order, to the Command & Control Center, Gandhinagar instead of 20/04/2020.  Must be sent by Saturday 30/05/2020.  The resolution indicates an 80% weightage by the Command & Control Center.  Out of the three names per cluster, Command & Control Center, Gandhinagar filled the details in the prescribed specimen form given below from the data available at the center, aggregating the marks obtained on the basis of 80% weightage given on the basis of these details and the marks obtained on the basis of 20% weightage given by the Taluka Committee.  List of Names, Director, Evaluation of Primary Talented Teachers  Ri, teachers in three successive names, "Education, Gandhinagar and the respective district primary education officer said.  01 instead of dt.  Must be sent by Monday 08/06/2020.  The list of names of the three talented teachers sent by the Command & Control Center, Gandhinagar as per the above details should be sent by the District Primary Education Officer.

National Talent Search Exam (NTSE) -2020 Was Postponed - Reed SEB Notice

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