7th Pay Online Calculator | Calculate Your Salary HRA Here

7th Pay Online Calculator for Teachers | Calculate Your Salary HRA Here. July month no Ijafo ane Ghar Bhadu ma Ferfar karva babat paripatra. 

● 7th Pay Commission: હોળી પહેલાં સવા કરોડ કેંદ્રીય કર્મચારીઓને મળવા જઇ રહી ભેટ :👉 સંપૂર્ણ ન્યુઝ વાંચો

● સરકારે સાતમા પગારપંચનો લાભ આપવાની કરી જાહેરાત કયા કર્મચારીઓને મળશે ફાયદો :👉 સંપૂર્ણ ન્યુઝ વાંચો

Paripatra about organizing national level yoga quiz competition.  Yoga Olympiad is organized every year through NCERT, New Delhi.  But considering the current situation of Kovid-19, it is not possible to organize a Yoga Olympiad.  As an alternative, NCERT plans to hold an online quiz competition from June 18 to 20, 2020.  In which children of standard 6 to 12 can participate.

 The syllabus of this online quiz competition has been prepared by NCERT.  This online quiz competition will soon be placed on the NCERT website.

 The medium of the presented quiz will be English and Hindi.  Our students have a good opportunity to participate in the national level quiz this year.

 The purpose is to request schools and students to be aware of the quiz by visiting this website regularly.  Inform all your schools about this quiz from your level and encourage as many students as possible to participate in it.

7th Pay Online Calculator | Calculate Your Salary HRA Here

Regarding sending proposals of 9/2/31 higher salary norms of primary teachers. Range; 1, Deputy Secretary, Resolution No. of the Department of Finance: P / 10201 F - US. O - 121 (22 - 5), dt. 01/06 / 201e 2. Resolution No. of the Department of Education: PR / 6 1201 7) Suvav file - 5 28/03 2019. 
In the fifteenth session of the subject matter and reference-6, necessary adjustments have been made to be made under the pay revision at the recommendation of the pay commission. Take the medicines that Gujarat State Service Salary Improvement Rules - 201 6th. 01 201 6 has been implemented by notification in some. As a result of this pay improvement, the implementation of the high pay scale has been done in ancillary program.