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Increment and HRA Calculation Automatic excel File and pdf

Increment and HRA Calculation Automatic excel File and pdf. Ijafa ane Ghar bhada ni Ganatri mate Automatic Excel file and Pdf File

Increment and HRA Calculation

Rajya Shikshak Sang ni Sachivshri, Section Adhikari ane Niyamak shri Sathe ni Meeting na Mudda. Prathmik shikshako na ketlak padtar prashno mate Aa bethak nu aayojan karva ma aavel hatu. Jena ketlak imp mudda Anhi Aapel che.

Vidhyalaxmi Bond Antargat Kharekhar Labharthio ne Chukavni ni Karyavahi Purna karva Babat Niyamak sir no Letter. Matter of completing the process of payment to the actual beneficiaries under Vidyalakshmi Bond Scheme.  Pursuant to the above subject and reference, the amount of matured bonds of previous years under Vidyalakshmi Bond Scheme has not been paid to the beneficiary girls.

 Therefore, under the Vidya Lakshmi Bond scheme, all the amounts that have not been paid till the maturity date are to be paid to the true beneficiary girls through personal verification.  Final instructions are given to take action as paid in full by.

 In cases where this payment cannot be made for any reason, in each case the actual concerned schools are asked to submit reasons for non-payment.  The details of the payment made to the beneficiary should be verified at any time to ensure that it is processed accurately.

Increment ગણતરી માટે ઉપયોગી કોઠો

 For this, after the completion of the procedure at the local level by the primary teachers of the primary schools, the headmaster of the primary school has to get the certificate with the account of the amount paid / not paid in his field of work, collect it at taluka level and give all the integrated details to the concerned district primary education officer.  And after verifying the accounts and compiling the details to this office.  Compiled information on 04/07/2020 should be prepared in Ms Excel, Shruti Font in the prescribed format and arranged to be found in hard / softcopy in person.  That is, District Primary Education Officer Shri.  Whether the payment has been made to the true beneficiary by 30/06/2020?  Grant issued from here after obtaining its taluka wise certificates, amount of bond paid to the beneficiary beneficiary on the date of purchase matured, original bond has been deposited in BSNL.

 The details and savings amount have been submitted to the Government, including its details, the entire process has been completed by the District Primary Education Officer.  Details along with his certificate will have to be submitted.  Compiled information should be given as per the column mentioned in the attached form.  No change will be made in the form column provided here.  Take note like.

Ijafa ane Ghar bhada ni Ganatri mate Automatic Excel file and Pdf File


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