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Elon Musk's Tweeter Blue Tick or Rs. 650 SIP find out which is the hotter deal

Rs. 650 SIP or Elon Musk's Tweeter Blue Tick, find out which is the hotter deal

Every month in SIP Rs. 650 you will get around Rs 650 after 10 years. 1.5 lakh will get. An investment of Rs 78,000 in this gives a profit of Rs 73,000. At the same time, Twitter or its owner Elon Musk will charge Rs 78,000 from users above the age of 10, that too just for a blue tick.

Advantages of Investing in SIP

SpaceX founder and CEO Elon Musk has bought social media company Twitter. Along with the purchase, Musk also made some important changes to Twitter. The first major change has been made in terms of Twitter's popular identity blue tick or blue badge. Twitter account holders get this blue tick only when the company verifies them. BlueTick was free before Twitter was sold, but Musk has paid for it. Musk has issued an order that users with a blue tick will now have to pay eight dollars, which is about 650 rupees per month. That's why we are going to tell here what a person will get if he invests Rs 650 in Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) every month.

Paying for Blue Tick is not an investment, but much more than an investment for the users who use it. This is said because a blue tick shows that a particular user is verified, which shows their credibility in the world of social media. On this basis it is meaningless to compare investment in Blue Tick and investment in SIP. But with this excuse we can know for sure how much money a person investing Rs 650 per month can earn over time.

Blue tick or invest Rs 650

Comparing both, we count 10 years here. If a person pays Rs 650 per month for Blue Tick, in 10 years he has to pay Rs 78,000. That is, the price of 10 years of blue tick work of Twitter is 78,000 rupees. On the other hand, if a person deposits Rs 650 in SIP every month, his net savings will be Rs 78,000 in 10 years. This Rs 78,000 is not going anywhere for them. You will get a lot of money on maturity. But the biggest benefit is the compensation of Rs 78,000.

What will you get for 650 rupees?

If we add 12 percent return in SIP every month which is the minimum, you will get almost double the amount in 10 years. Calculated with SIP calculator, in 10 years Rs. 650 78,000 would accumulate, which at 12% would be Rs. 73,000 will be reimbursed. That is, after 10 years, your account will return the same amount as the principal amount you invested in the SIP. Thus an investment of Rs 650 per month will give you around Rs 1.5 lakh after 10 years. At the same time, Twitter or its owner Elon Musk will charge Rs 78,000 from users above the age of 10, that too just for a blue tick.

Enlish News Headline: Twitter Blue Tick or SIP Rs. 650 investment will return 1-5 lakhs in 10 years