EMI Calculator App

This smart and handy app is one stop solution to your financial calculation . You can easily calculate , track and get the information related to your financial investment .

Key Features :

1. You can calculate EMI for home loan, car loan and other loan entities / Mortgage Calculator .
2. EMI calculators section consist of basic / PRO / Advance EMI Calculator along with statistics . You can easily compare the two loans .
3. The banking calculation section consists of interest calculators on financial instruments like Fixed Deposit / FD calculator, Recurring Deposit / RD calculator,Public provident fund / PPF calculator & Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) / Mutual Funds calculator.
4. You can also calculate the taxes on the amount using the VAT / GST Calculator .


1. Create a loan profile for your home loan , car loan , educational loan etc and track them all together .
2. Get useful stats about the completion of individual / cumulative loans . You will get notified about your due EMI on payment date .
3. The variable interest rate , loan prepayment , fees and charges are also available with loan profile and can be modified at any time .

Info & Share

1. The useful information related to the financial instrument is also available which includes its Advantages , Disadvantages , Eligibility , Tax Deduction and Nomination .
2. Share the results & statistics of financial calculations with others using email /sms /messaging .


1. Home Loan Eligibility section for estimating loan eligibility.
2. Easy to Access and Innovative.
3. Flexible UI and Good Usability.
4. App Available for FREE to use.
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