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પ્રાથમિક શિક્ષકો માટે 23/05/12 થી 15/07/18 સુધીના બદલીના પરિપત્રો

Circulars of transfer for primary teachers from 23/05/12 to 15/07/18. 

Rules regarding transfer of upper primary / primary teachers / education assistants by repealing the resolutions mentioned in reference 1 regarding transfer of upper primary / primary teachers / teaching assistants performing duty in primary school and upper primary schools managed by district / town education committees of the state. Issued as per section-3 as follows.

Chapter- (7): General Provisions for Transfer of Upper Primary / Primary Teachers / Teachers: (1) Type of Transfers G) Transfers by Internal Demand (ii) Transfers by Demand (ii) District Transfers (iv) Transfers of Severe-Illness Cases (v) ) Transfers for administrative reasons (2) Types of posts of teachers and teachers Primary Teacher (Std. 1 to 5) (i) Higher Primary Teacher (Std. 6 to 8) - Science, Mathematics (iii) Higher Primary Teacher 8) - Social Science (iv) Upper Primary Teacher (Std. 6 to 8) - Languages

(7) If there is more than one school in the village and there is a vacancy for a teacher of the same department in another school of the village, the slain teachers shall be included in the school of the same village. If the number of teachers killed in all the schools of the village is more than the total vacancies in the concerned department, then the killing will have to be compensated according to the seniority of the village and according to the seniority of the village the youngest will have to be considered as killed from the village. (8) In a village where there is more than one school, in order to compensate the teacher, the teacher must first be replaced in the local school. Subjects will have to be considered in case of growth in upper primary school. The pay will then have to be offset within the center schools. After that more compensation will have to be done in the taluka school. Then it has to be placed in another taluka of the district. If the murder cannot be compensated in the district, it will have to be reported to the Director.

(9) In case of transfer of district, as mentioned in section (2) above, the transfer has to be made only by grouping the applications as per the section and which can be changed as per that section. That is, the subject can be changed only by dividing the subject of primary teacher against primary teacher and upper primary teacher against upper primary teacher and accordingly different seniority lists have to be prepared according to the total length of the job based on the date of entry of the teacher's native district. (7) For district transfer, the teacher education assistant who has completed five years of service in the district by 31st December of that year and is fully qualified as a teaching assistant should apply for district transfer from 1st December to 31st December. (8) The benefit of district transfer may be availed only once during the entire job.

The remaining teachers / teaching assistants will have to be included in the schools of other talukas of the district when they cannot be accommodated due to non-availability of space in their own taluka. Will be included. According to the seniority, during the process of including the teachers and assistants who have been given the option in the upper primary school, if the teacher educator himself shows disagreement, such teachers will have to cancel the option of teaching assistants. And their right to be included in higher primary education in the future

The procedure for inclusion in higher primary education subject to the aforesaid standards / conditions has to be completed before the transfer camp in summer vacation. The resolution of the Department of Education is hereby revoked. Thus, after giving the option of upper primary teacher, the seniority of the school from which he has given the option for internal transfer or change of effect of teachers who have accepted the appointment in his own or another school will have to be taken into account. If the teacher wishes to be transferred again after taking advantage of the transfer, the date of his transfer appointment will be taken into consideration for the purpose of seniority. In this regard, the resolution of the education department should be considered as amended to some extent. This resolution is sent with the consent obtained from the note of the Government on the file of Rarkha No. of the Department.

Title of the document

Shikshak Badli Matena Upayogi Tharav na Paripatro

Pursuant to the above subject and reference, there is a provision to change the case of a teacher couple as per paragraph number (10) of the resolution referred to in reference (1) of the Department of Education. A new provision has been added in paragraph number (10) as per the resolution mentioned in reference (2) of the Department of Education. For the transfers to be made in the case of the couple as per these provisions a certificate as per the sample sent along with it is required. So, as per the rules, the teacher couple will have to get the benefit only after getting the sample certificate from the head of the office where the husband or wife is performing duty in the institution or office from the teacher who wants to be transferred. The same certificate should also be obtained from the teaching assistant / primary teacher performing duty in the primary school under the district / town education committee.

પ્રાથમિક શિક્ષકો માટે 23/05/12 થી 15/07/18 સુધીના બદલીના પરિપત્રો

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