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e-sanjivani - you can get treatment or diagnosis for free from home

e -સંજીવની એપ (e-sanjivani) દ્વારા ઘરે બેઠા જ ફ્રીમાં સારવાર કે નિદાન થઈ શકશે, વિડીયો કોલ દ્વારા ડોક્ટર સાથે પણ વાત કરી શકશો.

eSanjeevaniOPD - National Teleconsultation Service

મુખ્યમંત્રી શ્રી દ્વારા નાગરિકોને ઘરેબેઠા સારવાર - નિદાન માટેની ઇ-સંજીવની ઓપીડી સુવિધાનો રાજ્યવ્યાપી પ્રારંભ.

ઇ-સંજીવની APK  ડાઉનલોડ લિંક અને માહિતી

With e-sanjivani app (e-sanjivani) you can get treatment or diagnosis for free from home, you can also talk to the doctor through video call.

 State-wide launch of e-Sanjeev's OPD facility for home treatment-diagnosis by the Chief Minister.

You can download this application from Playstore.

 E SanjivaniOPD - Launched under National Telecommunication Service.

 Organization: Health Informatics Group, C-DAC Mohali, India Health & Fitness 1,572

 This app is compatible with all your mobile versions to add to your mobile's desired memory.

 E-SanjivaniOPD - Officially the National Telecommunication Service of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India has been launched with the ideal of providing health services in the homes of patients.  E-LifePad enables free, secure and structured video-based clinical consultation online between patient and patient.

 The main features and utility of the National Telecommunication Service (e-SanjivaniOPD), which is friendly to all citizens

 Online registration of patient, registration of total family members, institutional registration (such as rehabilitation facilities, senior citizen houses, orphanages, NGO, school, college, etc.)

 Qatar management, video calling advice with doctors, instant messaging instant facility (text based), e-prescription, SMS notification based facility are served by large working doctors.

 Service Fee Service (operated jointly by State Governments and MoHFW, Government of India. Not to be paid by any person).

 The Center for Development Advanced Computing (C-DAC) has also set up an e-SanjivaniOPD-Stay Home OPD in Mohali.

 The main objective of the citizen friendly web-based National Telecommunication Service (e-SanjivaniOPD) and configured OP Nalinopadi (number of daily slots, number of doctors accordingly and OPD / specialty clinics, waiting room slots, etc. provided).

 Fly and Registration: Mobile numbers of all types of people have been verified by OMP and patient registration form has been filled.

 He then assigns the SanjivaniOPD Patient ID

 Token: The user requests advice and uploads health records, if any add the patient's ID and token via SMS.  Meets through

 Login: Closure Closer E SanjivaniOPD Username has to be created and logged in.  For which SMS notification is sent

 The user logs in using the patient's own ID and then the patient enters the clinic.  This opportunity is placed at the end of the existing queue.  If there is no queue you will be given a serial number.


 SanjeevanioPD sends the patient to the doctors (the time interval depends on the length of the queue)

 As soon as the doctor assigns the patient for whom the "Call Now" button is available.

 Apart from this, the "Click Now" button must be clicked within 120 seconds

 Click "Click Now" within 10 seconds of what the doctor shows in the video

 Advice and Consultation: When the patient consults a doctor.  Also access the doctor's and patient's health records during the consultation (when it is uploaded)

 Getting an e-prescription:

 During the consultation with the patient and the doctor, the doctor also prepares an electronic prescription (e-prescription).

 At the end of the consultation, the doctor sends the prescription online and then stops the call.

 Displays the patient's last record after the prescription with the patient logged out of the application after saving / printing the received prescription

 E.  After making a SanjeevaniOPD call, the patient also sends an SMS notification with a link to download the e-prescription.

 E SanjivaniOPD is based on Sanjivani application - operated by Central Government's flagship Telemedicine Technology Center G, Center for Development Advanced Computing, Mohali (Punjab), India.

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