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make festival greeting card with your name and photo | Diwali Image Mobile से बनाये

make festival greeting card with your name and photo | Diwali Image Mobile से बनाये

Celebrate Diwali in your phone, yes a fun app.  Touching on a firecracker will cause the firecracker to explode.  Fireworks burst into the phone.  The app has arrived.

 Fun app for your kids.  Download and try

Celebrate Diwali 2020 with all types of Diwali games and huge Diwali fireworks.

Diwali Crackers App - The best fun app to hit fireworks even in real time.

Let's celebrate and celebrate Diwali with a game of firecrackers.  This Diwali gaming app will include sparks, chakras or spinners, flower vases, colorful fountains, rockets, atomic bombs or hard biscuits, hand-held fireworks and more.

Diwali is a Hindu religious festival celebrated with lights in homes, streets, shops, temples, etc.  And fireworks are done everywhere.

Using this app for Diwali games would be like bursting crackers in real time.

Because fireworks in real time are a threat to our safety, especially when it comes to children, this Diwali fireworks application has replaced the original fireworks.

App Function:

  • You can explode on all types of virtual cookies.
  • Fantastic fireworks simulator with sound effects.
  • Diwali Crackers - Complete the free app to download it.
  • Diwali Fireworks - Very real Diwali fireworks with sound.
  • Designed with real and beautiful animated backgrounds

Click Here to Download PixelLab App

Fireworks explosion:

In this app you can fill all types of firecrackers with virtual crackers like Diwali Games Flower Pot Animation, Rocket Shower Animation, Buchkara Animation Happy Diwali.

Unlimited Background:

In this category, you can blast unlimited fireworks by tapping anywhere on the screen with a colorful background.

This is the best time to have fun and spread.  happy Diwali !!

Light a lamp of love:

it erupted in a series of sorrows;

Prosperity rocket fire:

Agni is the flowering plant of happiness:

I wish you and your family all the best - happy Diwali

Let's start celebrating Diwali and enjoy the celebration of Diwali with Diwali Cracker App 2018.  So start your festival with the game of Diwali.

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make festival greeting card with your name and photo | Diwali Image Mobile से बनाये