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Satrant "Nidan Kasoti" Marks Scanning / Entry Margdarshika at SaralData App

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School Ekam Kasoti and Satrant "Nidan Kasoti" Gun, Marks Scanning / Online Entry Margdarshika PDF at SaralData Application

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Ekam Kasoti Marks Entry
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Ekam Kasoti mark Entry excel sheet, 

School Exam Scanning Table Sheet Print Aapva Babat GCERT no Latest Paripatra. Subject: Matter of providing scanning table under the first session diagnostic test-206021.  Reference: (1) According to the above subject, the Hon'ble Secretary has instructed to give the scanning table as per the prescribed size and specification for the data entry of the marks obtained by the students as per the first semester diagnostic test 2020-91.  
As per the approval received from Reference-2, all the districts of the state have been allotted scanning table sheets for a total of 4,3,8,50 standardized subjects for a total of 2,41,8 children enrolled in Std. 6 to 8 of the state.  Considering the number of nominations for Std. 6-7 of that district, approximately Rs. 0.50 / - (fifty paise in number) per scanning table sheet has been allotted from the reference-6 here. 

Taking into consideration the above matter,  GCERT, Gandhinagar on 08/7/2011 at 4 pm to make available the scanning table sheets as per the number given in the accompanying form (form received from CCC) to the schools by printing the sample scanning table sheets from district level along with standard subject wise reference-2.  Held at 00 p.m.  

Necessary instructions have been given in the video conference of all the District Primary Education Officers of the state.  Scanning table sheets have been printed by some district offices of the state and are being made available to the schools.

To mention the above, all the primary / upper primary schools affiliated to your district corporation which are considering the number of Std. 6-7 enrollment of that school, standard wise (sheet received from CCC is included here) scanning table sheets (sample received from CCC are included herewith).  

એકમ કસોટી ઓટો ડોટ એક્સેલ ફાઈલ ડાઉનલોડ કરો

Title of the document

School Exam Scanning Table Pahochadva Babat

Is The district level is requested to take immediate action to make it available by printing it as per the rules.

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Online marks entry 2021, Sas online marks entry, Internal Marks Entry, Online MARKS ENTRY 2021, Internal marks ENTRY SPPU 2021, Ssaexam in Online Marks Entry, Online attendance, Ekam Kasoti mark Entry excel sheet