➡️ ધોરણ 1 થી 8 ન્યૂ ટાઈમ ટેબલ -૨૦૨૨ અહીં ક્લિક કરો 👈

ધોરણ 1 થી 8 માં માસ પ્રમોશન આપવા બાબત, શિક્ષણ વિભાગનો ઓફિશિયલ પરિપત્ર

વોટ્સેપ ગ્રુપમાં જોડાવા ક્લિક કરો
Official circular of education department regarding giving mass promotion in standard 1 to 8, Date 16/04/2021

Regarding giving mass promotion in Std. 1 to 8, Gujarat Government Education Department Block no.  3, 8th Floor, Secretariat, Sardar Bhavan, Sector-10, Gandhinagar - 2010 Phone no.  05- ૨૩ 2-915 ૪૩, fax no.  07-9-16 ૩ Email ID: sok51343@gmail.com Circular No .: PRE / 112071/15 / A Date: 19/06/2071 Circular: Recent outbreak of Corona virus (Covid-18) in the state  The decision taken by the government to give mass promotion to the students studying in Std. 1 to 8 of the state has been announced by organizing a press conference on 2021. 

That is, the implementation of the instructions given from the notification number: GH / SH / 83 / PRC / 122019 / single File / K dated 31/05/2018 of this department is postponed till the current academic year 2020-21  As per this decision of the government, due to the widespread spread of Corona in the state, all the students studying in Std. 1 to 8 in the state are allowed to take the mass promotion beyond the academic year 2020-2021.  2, At present students are being imparted education through various mediums under Home Learning which will continue in future also.

In addition, students will be assessed periodically as part of their ongoing assessment as well as remedial work.  But no student will have to fail based on the results of this assessment.  Ancillary detailed instructions in this regard should be issued by GCERT, Gandhinagar.  By order of the Governor of Gujarat and in his name, ce

Std-10 School Level Exam 2021 Change Regarding New Latest Paripatra, Date-14-04-2011

Subject: - Matter of change in Std. 10 school level subject examination.  From Sandarbha Mahasaya, Jayabharat co-mentioned the above subject and with reference to state that the school level subject examinations of Std.  Schools were instructed. 

The above instructions are partially modified.  School level subject theoretical and practical examinations from 15/04/2021 to 30/04/2021 instead of the period of the school SSC. 

The main examination of the board should be taken immediately (3) days after completion.  Other instructions on the matter remain the same.

Std-10 School Level Exam 2021 Change Regarding New Latest Paripatra, Date-14-04-2011

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