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Objective/objective is to create awareness among the students for equitable use, sustainability and conservation of natural resources and to inculcate love for the environment.

*🌴 યુથ એન્ડ ઇકો ક્લબ ફાઈલ  ૨૦૨૧-૨૨ 🌴*

🔹 *ગ્રાન્ટ*
🔅 પ્રાથમિક ૫૦૦૦/-
🔅ઉચ્ચ પ્રાથમિક ૧૫૦૦૦/-
🔅માધ્યમિક ૨૫૦૦૦/-

*🪴 હેતુ/ઉદ્દેશ્ય*
*🪴 પરિચય*
*🪴 ઇકો ક્લબ શું છે*
*🪴 મહત્વપૂર્ણ લક્ષ્યાંક*
*🪴 શિક્ષક એક ભાગ*
*🪴 પ્રવુત્તિઓ*

*🍁 યુથ એન્ડ ઇકો ક્લબ ની ઓગષ્ટ માસ થી ફેબ્રુઆરીની પ્રવુત્તિઓ 🍂*

*🌱કરેલ ખર્ચ , મળેલ ગ્રાન્ટ, વિગત*


*🍀 યુથ-એન્ડ-ઇકોકલબ-ફાઈલ*

Develop life skills, self-esteem, self-esteem and self-confidence and adaptation so that children can face future challenges and negative emotions such as stress, shame and fear, by giving opportunities to students to develop their physical, mental, emotional and Strengthen social skills. To think critically and logically solve problems through participatory and procedural activities.

1. The Headmaster/Principal shall constitute Youth and Eco Club (YEC) for the students in his/her school and appoint its in-charge. 2. Classifying all the students and teachers of each class of the school in four groups for the year 2016-70 in Narmada, Tapi of all the schools of the state. Taking the name of Sabarmati and Mahisagari

3. To appoint one teacher of the school as the nodal person on rotation basis who will provide guidance for the activities of the YEC. 4. Prioritize land, water, energy and sanitation in YEC activities. 5. 'Jalshakti Abhiyan' in schools

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Organizing educational and co-scholastic activities to create awareness about 'Swachh Bharat Abhiyan' and 'Fit India Movement'. 6. Each group should be assigned a specific physical area corner of the school premises in which group members can carry out innovative planting, cleaning, decoration and conservation activities.

7. The school organizes talk-talk, song-song, art, sports, reading and physical activities during co-curricular activities hours or during extra hours or during holidays. Such activities include some of the physical facilities of the school such as a playground,

The utility of sports equipment, library, school garden as well as musical instruments will be increased, which will help in developing habits, skills and interest in children. 8. Different types of library usage and reading habits among school children under YEC

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Organizing activities like book reading, storytelling and sharing of moral values. 9. The school ensures that every child in the school is YEC. participate in at least 3 (three) activities of

6. Each group should be assigned a specific physical area corner of the school premises in which group members can carry out innovative planting, cleaning, decoration and conservation activities.

Youth AnEco Club Antargat 2020-21 ni Grant Falava Babat Paripatra. Subject: Circular regarding allotment of grants under the activities carried out in the year 2020-21 under the 'Youth and Eco Club' implemented in the government schools of the state.  The Youth and Eco Club has been asked to take into account the guidelines and suggested activities provided with reference-1 for operation, management and implementation.

The activities of the Youth and Eco Club, which have been implemented in government schools in the year 2019-20 as per Reference-1, will be continued in the year 2020-21 as per Reference-2.

With this in mind, various activities under 'Youth and Eco Club' will be carried out by the schools of the state during the year 2020-21.  Rs.5,000 / - per school to the state primary schools, Rs.  Grant at the rate of Rs.15,0000 / - per school and Rs.25,000 / - per school for secondary and higher secondary schools.

In view of the above, all government primary, upper primary, secondary and higher secondary schools in your district are asked to allocate the above mentioned grant under 'Youth and Eco Club' directly from the district level to the bank account of the SMC / SMDC concerned.

Subject: Matter of implementing Youth and Eco Clubs in all government schools of the state during the year 2019-20 under overall education.

Among the programs sanctioned for the enhancement of educational quality as per the approved budget of the State of Gujarat for the year 2019-20 under overall education, to develop life skills, increase confidence, develop resilience as well as stress, shame in all government primary, higher primary, secondary and higher secondary schools functioning in the state.  And to operate youth clubs as a means of controlling negative feelings of fear, as well as to enable school students to participate in meaningful environmental activities and conduct projectors, to empower students to understand environmental concepts and actions beyond the curriculum or curriculum limits.

Referring to the various activities under the Youth and Eco Club, P.A.B.  According to the minutes, the Youth Club uses the school's various resources such as playground, play equipment, library, music and art room for co-curricular and recreational activities such as drama, discussions, art, sports, music for the personal and internal development of students.  Etc. will do for.  These activities will help students learn about their hobbies, boost their confidence and unleash their dormant powers, as well as improve school enrollment and stabilization.

The Eco Club will carry out various activities to raise awareness and interest in environment, biodiversity, climate, environment, nutrition, health and hygiene, especially activities related to water conservation and water conservation awareness during the "Jalshakti Abhiyan" starting July 1, 2019.  Will do activities to increase.

In view of the above matters, guidelines have been prepared for the formation, operation, management and implementation of Youth and Eco Clubs in all government primary, upper primary, secondary and higher secondary schools in the state, as well as the proposed activities are included in Annexure-1 and Annexure-2 respectively.  Is.  Schools will be able to cover the cost of activities for the Youth and Eco Club from the school composite savings grant given to them if required.

In view of all these matters, in all the government schools under your jurisdiction, the Youth and Eco Clubs are asked to give the necessary instructions for the immediate implementation of the Youth and Eco Club.

Youth And Eco Club Antargat 2020-21 ni Grant Falava Babat Paripatra, 31/03/2021 : Download

Eco Club ni Pravrutio 2020 - 2021 ma Chalu Rakhva Babat, 04/07/2020 : Download

All Primary School ma Youth and Eco Club Activity Sharu Karva Babat, 06/11/2019 no Paripatra : Download

Eco Club Ane Bal mela ni Pravrutio nu Aayojan Karva Babat, 08/06/2018 : Download

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