If You Don't Know, How to Apply Online Form for New Ration Card @digital gujarat gov.in ? Here We provide all information about new Ration Card Application form Process and Documents List, Fee etc...

How to Apply Online Form for New Ration Card 

New Ration Card Application Online Digital Government of Gujarat.

Gujarati Ration Card Online Application Registration Details Looking for Digital Gujarat or how to register or register in Digital Gujarat Portal?  So Digital India is the right place to get the best results.  Earlier, the official service portal was launched at the same time.  The Gujarat government will soon be able to access various government services through its smartphones and tablets, and the regional government will also decide to launch a mobile application.

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Gujarati Ration Card Online Application Registration Details

If you can register, the Digital Gujarat Universal Services Portal will provide online services to the citizens of Gujarat for online application and registration.

New Ration Card processing request

To complete the form online form, you need to click on the “Apply Apply Online” button or click on the “Download Form” button to complete the online flight.

Applicants should prepare specific service information, such as business details, family details, in addition to the original applicant details, before applying online.

Application All fields marked with an asterisk in the application form are mandatory fields.

Depending on your language preference, English or Gujarati language keyboards should be used to complete the application form.

How to Apply Online Form for New Ration Card

List of documents for new ration card resident test attachment (any)

  1. A true copy of the electricity bill.
  2. K.P. of the original phone account.
  3. Accurate copy of ballot paper.
  4. Pass the original copy of the passport
  5. Bank Pass Bank Deleted Passage Book / Check Home Page
  6. Post Office Fee Billing / Passbook
  7. Drive license
  8. Government Photo ID Card / Service Photo ID Card issued by PS PSU
  9. Voter bill (not more than 3 months)
  10. If it is a matter of ownership, there is a descriptive form
  11. Receipt of property tax
  12. In the case of a lease agreement and proof of ownership of the property for a space agreement, e.g.
  13. Copy of property card
  14. New Bid Card ID Test Supplement (Any)
  15. If any false / misleading information is provided in the application, the authority will deny the request.
  16. True copy or ballot paper.
  17. Original copy of income tax PAN card.
  18. Original copy of passport
  19. Driver's certificate
  20. Government Photo ID Card / Service Photo ID Card issued by PSU
  21. Any operating document with a photograph of the citizen
  22. Photo ID issued by a recognized educational institution
  23. Copy of Aadhaar card or voting card in case of settlement
  24. A new ration card inspection is required for service connection

Apply online for new Ration Card in Gujarat Digital Government.

If your request for a change has been returned or please fill in the incomplete details, please submit within 37 days.  The application will be rejected within 37 days.  The application fee is non-refundable.

Apply Online for New Ration Card @ Digital Gujarat gov.in.