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School Health Inspection Program Guide for Teachers

 શાળા આરોગ્ય તપાસણી કાર્યક્રમ શિક્ષકો માટેની માર્ગદર્શિકા

School Health Inspection Program Guide for Teachers

  • શાળા આરોગ્ય કાર્યક્રમ
  • પાંડુરોગ 
  • વિટામીન - એ ની ઉણપથી થતો રોગ ( રતાંધળાપણું )
  • આયોડીનની ઉણપથી થતા રોગો
  • ખસ
  • ચામડીનો ચેપ 
  • દૃષ્ટિની ખામી
  • કાનની રસી
  • દાંતની તકલીફ 
  • ક્ષય
  • રક્તપિત્ત
  • મેલેરિયા
  • એચ.આઇ.વી. (એઇડ્સ)
  • શારીરીક સ્થૂળતા ( મેદસ્વીતા )
  • ગુટખા , તમાકુનું વ્યસન
  • તરૂણાવસ્થા અને માનસિક તણાવ 
  • આરોગ્ય શિક્ષણ 
  • તંદુરસ્ત રહેવા માટેનો ખોરાક 
  • કૌટુંબિક આરોગ્ય - શિક્ષકનો ફાળો
School Health Inspection Program Guide for Teachers

School Health Program

Health is not only a condition where there is no disease but also a condition where there is a sufficiently positive dominance over all aspects of human social, emotional, spirituality.  Is a commendable effort.  These range from children's health checkups to superspecialty treatments.

The School Aragya program is a very important social program.  Under which the health of about one and a half crore children is examined every year.

Objective ..

Health check-ups and treatment for the "intensive health" of all children in the state.


  • Research and on-site treatment of diseases commonly seen in school children
  • Screening and isolating children for necessary reference services.
  • Arrangements for detailed examination, treatment and follow-up at the Referral Service Centers for children in need.
  • Super specialty treatment.
  • Raising awareness about health in the society by school children
  • To create a healthy environment in the village and school.

Beneficiary ..

  • Anganwadi children from newborns to six years.
  • Elementary school children.
  • Secondary and higher secondary school students o.
  • Children from newborn to 14 years of age do not go to school.
  • Children of the Children's Home

Services ..

  • Health check
  • Treatment on the spot
  • Reference service
  • Distribution in variables
  • Superspecialty services including kidney transplants.
  • Health education

Working method ..

Under the school health check-up program, the health team visits the school, anganwadi and village to check the health of all the children as planned.  Children who become ill during the examination are treated on the spot.  All the sick children are examined by the medical officer and the children who need referral services are referred to the district civil hospital.  The center has provided referral service by doctors specializing in various diseases.  Free treatment by specialists such as pediatricians, eye surgeons, ear, nose, throat surgeons, dental surgeons, dermatologists, etc., as well as free care for children with visual impairments and skin needs.

Children with serious illnesses such as heart, kidney and cancer are referred to a superspecialty hospital for further treatment.  All treatments including surgery and kidney transplant service are provided free of cost to the children in this hospital.  BPL with complex heart disease that cannot be treated in the state.  Card holders are sent to reputed hospitals outside the state for treatment.

Planning for quick treatment ...

The school health program empowers the Chief District Health Officer at the district level to ensure that children receive speedy treatment for serious illnesses such as heart, kidney and cancer, and choleraemia major.

Health Monitor

Health check pyramid

Super specialty services

Reference Services

Examination by a medical officer

Investigation by the children's health team

Observed by teacher friends

શાળા આરોગ્ય તપાસણી કાર્યક્રમ શિક્ષકો માટેની માર્ગદર્શિકા. School Health Inspection Program Guide for Teachers

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