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Download Meesho Apk For Online Shopping - Lowest Price, Best Quality.

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No viral message demanding action against teachers playing with children's future

During the Corona period in the state, some teachers are playing with the future of their children in the name of earning online.  The education department should blindly take strict action against such teachers.  A lot of efforts are being made by the Education Department to enable the children to study at home.  A unit test is done every month to see how much children have learned in a month. 

Shikhi writes in the booklet herself and takes the help of teacher or parent to avoid this.  But some teachers have started YouTube channels with the aim of earning money online and have tried to play with the future of the children by making videos of Shikhi Na at home with all the answers.  After watching such videos, they sit down and write the answer.  One such YouTuber is taking a unit test every month to see how much kids have learned during the month.

Due to which most of the children watch this video and write the answer.  Children who can read little or do not know at all will also get full marks.  Also, some teachers running on YouTube channel have also put the paper solution 1 week ago.  If you want to use YouTube properly then you have to put videos of unit teaching and help the children.  But here some teachers are working to break the creative power in the children.  The Department of Education should look at YouTube channels of teachers who have come up with such a one-size-fits-all solution and identify them.  An example should be set against him so that in future no one does such an act.

Forward this message as much as possible so that such people can be punished severely.

By Deepawali all the questions of teachers will be removed