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Download Zapya - File Transfer, Share Apps & Music Playlist

Download Zapya - File Transfer, Share Apps & Music Playlist

Take care of all your file sharing needs in one place! When you use Zapya, you can quickly share files of any size and any format on all platforms, whether you're offline or online. File transfer has never been easier!

Fast mobile to mobile File Transfer

When you share offline using Zapya, you can transfer files to and from Android devices, iOS devices and/or your PC without using Wi-Fi or mobile data. Zapya offers four convenient offline sharing methods so you can share files with anyone near you. You can either: create a group and invite others to join, generate a personalized QR code for others to scan, shake to connect to another device, or You can simply send files to nearby people.

When you share online using Zapya, you can transfer files from any device with a web browser. By clicking on the Zapya Transfer icon on the transfer page, you can easily share files with people around the world. Zapya Transfer is free to use and available in multiple languages.

Spotlight Features

Better Android Support

Zapya now supports scoped storage so users on Android 11 or higher can send and receive files securely. Additionally, Zapya continues to support devices that run Android 5 through Android 10.

iOS Upgraded to Android Sharing

Connecting your iOS to Android device just got easier! Now you can search for Zapya group created on Android device and join with one click on Zapya.

phone replica

Quickly back up and easily transfer all content and data from your old device to a new one.

bulk file transfer

Share entire folders or multiple large files with just one click!

"install all"

Plus download all the apps you want on your device with the "Install All" feature.

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Download Zapya - File Transfer, Share Apps & Music Playlist

How to transfer files The Best Reasons to Transfer Data on Android

How do you transfer files?
How can you transfer files from your mobile to any other mobile. Watch this video in very simple language.

In today's post with this video we will learn that how we can easily transfer videos, photos, files, documents etc from other phone to our phone or from our phone to other phone? So watch this video completely and read this post easily in your mother tongue.

In today's post I am going to show you five such apps, using which you can easily send and receive your phone data on each other's phone and that application is given below.

send any
By using Sand Anywhere you can copy all files from your mobile to another phone. This app is absolutely free, you do not have to pay any charge to use this app.
google file

You can easily manage all your files using Google Files and you can also save your files to another phone by logging into your Google account.

Google Files is a free app made by Google that you can download and use from your Play Store.


India's indigenous app has become very popular, banning Chinese apps in India. We all know that when we had China app in our country, we used all genders to transfer any file and it was a very popular app and seen in almost all smart phones.

બંધારણ દિવસ ઉજવણીમાં પાર્ટીસીપેટ થવા અને સર્ટિફિકેટ મેળવવા નીચેની લિંક પર ક્લિક કરો..

Join the President of India in celebrating the Constitution Day on 26 November. Get your certificates

When many such Chinese apps were banned in our country, then many apps from India have replaced them and it is very popular at present.

 This app can be very helpful if you can send photos, videos and required documents from your mobile to each other's mobile and also receive from other mobile.

Talk to me

Even though we may call this app Share Me by Mi, but it is not wrong because this app is not a small company but popular mobile manufacturer Xiaomi (MI). Yes, we all know that Xiaomi is a Chinese company but some of its smartphones are running in India.

Thus using these four apps you can easily send and receive all your files from one phone to another. If this post helped you, you can share this post with your friends