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Viewpoints App pays users for well-being surveys & tasks

Viewpoints App pays users for well-being surveys & tasks | Facebook

Join us in shaping the future of technology

Earn Points and Rewards - Receive rewards for participating in events like surveys, tasks and research.

You are in control - Before you decide to join the Program, we will explain what data the Program collects and how it is used. This is to help you make an informed decision.

Be a part of creating impactful insights - Data from Perspectives is used to help build better apps and services and benefit the community.

Get started by installing the ViewPoints app and creating your account. We will notify you via email or notifications when the program becomes available. The program can be any type of work, such as participating in research, conducting surveys, or trying out new products. You will receive points for each program you successfully complete.

Viewpoint's data is used to build better apps and services and benefit the community. We do not sell your information from this application to third parties. We do not publicly share your ViewPoint activity on Facebook or other accounts you have linked to without your permission.

Terms apply:

👌અદભૂત નજારો

💫 ગુરુ - શુક્ર - શનિ - મંગળ
🔷 આ ચાર ગ્રહો હાલ એક જ લાઈન માં છે
📢 તેને લાઈવ જોવાના ચુકી ના જતા

🪐 શનિ પોતાના વલયો સાથે દેખાઈ રહ્યો છે.

Know how to earn money online from Facebook viewpoints

facebook viewpoints kya hai

facebook viewpoints kya hai and how it works, how we can earn money online with its help. This is a new application that has been launched by Facebook, in which you can earn by taking surveys. How to use it, how to create an account in it and the most important thing is from where you will get the survey, who will give it.

facebook viewpoints kya hai?
Actually Facebook viewpoints is a survey app which has been launched by Facebook and it is the platform of Facebook itself, this app comes within its domain.

This app has been created so that data can be collected from Facebook audience in the form of survey. That's why you would also see on Facebook that Facebook itself is sponsoring this app and running ads.

Now you must be thinking that what kind of data is Facebook collecting from us, so let me tell you, it only wants to know the opinion of the people so that it can make its app according to the need of the people so that the user can access all the platforms of Facebook. You can use according to your need.

When any company thinks about improving its product, then it plans something so that it can understand the need of the people and can fulfill their need.

That is why the company conducts the survey, I will also tell you some points that what is the benefit of doing their survey:

Making User Friendly
Fixing Security & Bugs
Adding a New Feature
Making the App & Website better according to the competition of the market
Making App & Website Fast and Reliable

Benefits to the creator:
By now you must have come to know what facebook viewpoints are, now let's talk about what benefits are going to be given to those who are creators on Facebook from Facebook viewpoints:

Creators will get money through Facebook viewpoints.
In this you will have to join some program and after its completion you will get some points.
If you get 1000 points in your account, then you can convert that Points to Dollar and Withrow 1000 = 3 Dollar.
How to use Facebook Viewpoint?
First of all you have to download Facebook viewpoints from Play Store.
After that you have to register the account by opening it.
First of all, you have to login by entering your mobile number and if you have a Facebook account then you will be able to login directly from it.
Now you will get an email and you have to confirm the account by opening it.
Now you will be asked to allow some permissions, you have to allow it.
As soon as Facebook launches a program, you have to join it.
As soon as your program ends you will get 500 or more points and when those points become 1000 then you can convert them into dollars and withdraw them.