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નીલકંઠ ધામ પોઈચા | Neelkanth Dham Poicha: You will be shocked to see such a place in Gujarat

ગુજરાતમા આવેલ આ સ્થળે એક વખત અચુક જવુ જ જોઈએ....
👌 નીલકંઠ ધામ પોઈચા : ગુજરાતમાં આવું સ્થળ જોઈને ચોંકી જશો
ગુજરાતની એવી જગ્યા જ્યાં તમને સ્વર્ગ જેવી અનુભૂતિ થશે.   
અદભુત વિડીયો....રુબરુ ગયા જેવી ફીલીંગ આવશે

વધુ વાંચો ગુજરાતીમાં 👈 

ઓફિશિયલ વેબસાઈટ 👈 

Lord Vishnu is seated with Sheshnag in the main temple. Apart from this there are temples of Ganeshji, Hanumanji, Saptarishi, an incarnation of Vishnu and others.
Religious Significance: Neelkanthdham is one such temple which imparts sanskars and ancient Vedic traditions as well as religiosity to the younger generation of today. Neelkanth Dham is an archaic temple offering the philosophy of ancient Sanskrit with the idol of Neelkanthavarnindra (Lord Swaminarayan) in the Poicha Shikharbadh Temple.

224 years ago, when Lord Neelkanth was visiting this temple, he took a bath in the Narmada river at this place. Built in 2013, this grand temple is spread over 24 acres. The temple looks mesmerizing with the art carvings.

Historical Significance: With the efforts of Shastriji Maharaj and Dharmajivandasji Swami of Swaminarayan Sampradaya, the temple has been established with three and a half lakh Swaminarayan Mantra chants and 21 days of Utsav and Mahayagya in the special presence of Acharyashree Anandprasadji Maharaj. This place is also known as Prayag of the West. During the Diwali holiday, more than 10 lakh people from across the country have visited the Poicha temple.

Video જુઓ 

A place in Gujarat where you will feel like heaven. Trees, idols, grand temple and huge idol. This place is a combination of religion and travel. All this will be found in one place and we are showing you the scenes of that place in today's Shu Plan. Seeing that you will plan to go to this place in Gujarat...

Come here for a picnic

Gujaratis are considered to be very fond of traveling. Even when they get a day off from office or work, they take their car and go for a walk. Today we will tell them about a place in Gujarat which is best for a picnic. Here you can comfortably freshen up in a day.

Just 65 km from Vadodara

A grand Nilakantha Dham is built in Poicha village on the banks of Narmada River, just 65 km from Vadodara on the way to Rajpipla. Built in the year 2013, this Swaminarayan temple has become a center of attraction among people. The architecture of the temple is worth seeing. An elephant ride takes place during the aarti in the temple here. The temple is illuminated with colorful lights in the evening adding to its beauty.

The temple is surrounded by water on all sides

Spread over about 105 acres, this temple has a fair-like atmosphere during the holidays. The entire temple is divided into two parts, Neelkanthadham and Sahajananda Universe. There is a huge idol of Lord Nataraja at the entrance of the temple. So there is a huge lake inside the temple. Among which, there are many other small temples along with Shivlinga, Ganeshji, Hanumanji temple.

Excellent accommodation and food

108 Gaumukhi There are throngs of devotees bathing in the waters of the Narmada river flowing from the Ganga from morning till evening. There are also accommodation and dining facilities next to the temple. Karnali village is situated on the opposite bank of Narmada from here. So you can also enjoy swimming in Narmada river.

Another attraction of the temple

Apart from Darshan, you can come here and enjoy other things like Nature Park, Exhibition, Light and Sound Show, Tunnel of Yampuri, Flower Clock, Art Gallery and Horror House.

How to reach

Poicha Neelkanthdham is located 169 km from Amdava. By car you will reach Poicha in just three and a quarter hours. Also the nearest railway station is Rajpipla, from here you can reach there by traveling 12.5 km in a private vehicle.