UPI ATM Cash Withdrawal : Now withdraw money from ATM machine without ATM card

UPI ATM Cash Withdrawal: Are you also not able to withdraw money from ATM machine due to lack of ATM card, due to which you are facing many problems, then you do not need to panic or get disappointed because UPI ATM is for all other facility like bank account holders, cash withdrawal has been started, whose complete information we will provide you in this article.

Let us tell you that for UPI ATM cash withdrawal, you must have UPI so that you can easily withdraw money and take advantage of this facility.

Now Withdraw Money From ATM Machine Without Any ATM Card - UPI ATM Cash Withdrawal?
Till now all your bank account holders and ATM card users used to withdraw money directly from their ATMs without any hassle, but now taking this process to the next level, UPI ATM cash withdrawal facility has been introduced. In this article we will give you complete information.

Let us tell you that for UPI ATM cash withdrawal, you will have to follow the process mentioned in the article by going to your ATM machine under the offline process, so that you can withdraw money easily with the help of this new facility. ATM card. can be raised

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Step by Step Process UPI ATM Cash Withdrawal Live Process?
If you also want to withdraw money from ATM machine without ATM card using UPI, then you have to follow these steps which are as follows-

To withdraw UPI ATM cash, you must first go to your bank's ATM machine,
After coming to the ATM machine, you will get the withdrawal option, on which you have to click.
Shortly after clicking, you will get the option of QR scan in the ATM machine, on which you have to click,

After clicking, your ATM machine will tell you how much money you want to withdraw, which is as follows –

Now here you have to choose the amount you want to withdraw.
After this you will be asked to scan the QR which will look like this –

Now you have to scan the QR from UPI on your smartphone, which will be like this-

As soon as the scan is done, your smartphone will tell you how much money you are withdrawing, which will be as follows-

Now you have to give approval in your ATM machine, after that the ATM machine will start counting the money and within a few moments you will get your amount in cash which will be as follows –

Finally, this way all of you can now easily withdraw money from your respective ATM machine without any UPI and get the benefits of it.
Lastly, this way you will be able to take full advantage of the modern services and technological prowess of all banking.

In this article, we have not only told all our UPI users about UPI ATM cash withdrawal, but we have also told you the complete live process so that you can easily withdraw money from your ATM machine using your UPI without any ATM card. Can take out One can withdraw money from it and profit from it.

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FAQ - Cash Withdrawal from UPI ATM

Can I withdraw cash using UPI?
A customer walks up to a UPI enabled ATM and selects the cash withdrawal option through UPI. The QR code is then displayed, and the customer opens his UPI app, scans the QR code, enters the amount and then enters the UPI PIN on his smartphone.

How can I withdraw money from UPI ATM without card?
Step 1: Visit any ATM machine and find and select the 'Cash Withdrawal' option on the screen. Step 2: Next, select the UPI option. Step 3: A QR code will be displayed on your ATM screen. Step 4: Now open the UPI app on your phone and scan the QR code displayed on the ATM machine.