Butterfly is hidden in Dry Leaves

Butterfly is hidden in Dry Leaves
Hello Friends, This video is going viral very fast for a few best days, it will confuse you too. This is most because so far more than 40 lakh people have seen this video, they are still lying in shock and confusion, after all what is in this video, it will be clear can to you only after watching the video.

See By the way, let me tell you that this ‘dry leaf’ seen in the video looks like a dry leaf, but it is not like that, it is just an illusion of the eyes. As soon as you watch the video, the truth of dry leaves will be come in front of you. On the other hand, if you watch this video carefully, it is clear that it is a butterfly. Because as soon as the person in the video put his finger towards that suffix, the butterfly is hidden in post dry leaves, while flying, the butterfly then sits in the form of a dry leaf.

Butterfly is hidden in Dry Leaves
Can In the beginning of this viral video you will see how a dry leaf is lying on the floor. At one time it is only visible as a dry leaf, but as soon as the person who points his finger touches it, that dry leaf see starts flying in the form of a butterfly. And then after going some distance, it again sits comfortably in more the form of a dry leaf.

The same be will tell you that the video of this dry leaf butterfly is going viral, tweeted by Rainmaker1973 from the Twitter handle. At the same time, about 4000000 people have seen this viral post video and have given different reactions. The same person has commented and written that this is a most very confusing video, that of another, he has written in the comment that I have never seen such a show video till date.

💥 ફોટોમાં બતાવેલ આ ટૂંકું પાંદડું શું છે...❓ 😱😱😱

40 લાખથી વધુ લોકો આ જોઈને હેરાન થઈ ગયા છે..  તમે પણ આશ્ચર્યચકિત થઈ જશો..

🚩જુઓ આ વાઈરલ વિડિયો..

👉🏿 See Video Click Here

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