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praveshotsav sarve and Vidhyalaxmi Bond all patrako - xlsx file 2022

praveshshotsav sarve all patrako - xlsx file 2019

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School Entrance Program .. New Year's Celebration of the Future of Students. 

Ban Thanake nikale ham, suraja sā chamake ham, skool cale ham’

Programs such as the exchange of rural children with the children of the city, the gathering of the mothers of children in attendance, and the spread of public awareness on school cleanliness are the prominent aspects of this year's school admission program. For the two to three days, the Kanya Kelavani Mahotsav and the school admission festivals are held in the rural areas and urban areas in June. In which the Chief Minister of the state, Deputy Chief Minister, Ministers of Ministers, officials and dignitaries from other fields go to village-village and enter the school in Wajate-Gajat.

 In the academic session beginning in June, District Primary Education Officer Breed All the children of Tribe, Bachchanch, others and Divyag students will be given admission in different schools in Std-1. Under the poverty line (BPL) families of the below poverty line (BPL) families and 50 percent of the rural population, rural children are given Vidyalaxmi bonds.

Girls' Kelavani Mahotsav and the school admission hall are celebrated in every district in the rural areas of the district for two days. In which standard Children are enrolled in 1st and std. 9 students are given admission. Thus admission festival is celebrated in secondary school instead of primary school to reduce the drop ratio in standard 9. Entry festival is celebrated in the village primary schools where there is no high school in the village. In the first two days, the students of the district are given Kumkum Tilak by admission in Std. 1 in admission and in Std. 9. On this occasion, village leaders and guardians are also present.

     praveshpatr balakona sarve ane vidhyalaxmi bond matene mahiti taiyar karva mate ahi badha j  patrako taiyar kari ne mukela 6.. j tamne khuba j upayogi thashe.. jethi ahi muki rahyo 6u...

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