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The world’s longest dance festival - Indian Gujarati Navaratri

The world’s longest dance festival - Gujarati Navratri.

   Navaratri is a festival of dance and singing enthusiasm of Indians.In India, especially for the Gujarati, it is a great honor to enjoy the life of Navaratri.Every citizen of India enjoys this festival which lasted nine days. In one sentence, for the Indians, Navratri means fun and fun ... and fun.

   There is also an important importance of Navaratri. Navaratri is considered a festival of energy. In these nine days, nine different forms of mata are worshiped. With worshipe, there is a trend of manifesting happiness, Which is called garba.

What is the importance of playing garba?

   As soon as Navratri arrives, preparations are being made in every village-village and every city of India. Garba is danced with pomp. In order to sing songs in Garba, today's famous singers are invited by paying a lot of service fees. Singers entertain people all night and people are not tired of wearing them on their songs.Navaratri's nine nights are the same joy. The trend of Garba has increased so much that those who do not even relate to Hindu religion or those who do not even know the meaning of Navratri do not miss the benefits of entertainment from Garba.

Garba is sung to please Goddess Mata.

   Thus, in every village of India, the garba and street lanes enjoy the garba. But as soon as someone takes the name of garba, the first thing in mind in mind is that of Indian state Gujarat.The embroidered brassiere, the beautiful scarf ladies and men in the long kurti and dhoti, it is a traditional cover of garba. Garba is famous in Gujaratis.

   Talk about an assumption, it is said that in all nine nights of Navratri, dance is done to please the Goddess Mata. In fact, in the Hindu beliefs, dance has been described as a path of devotion and sadhana for years. 

Garba - a holy dance

   This is the first auspicious dance. But besides In Garba dance, clapping, pinch, khangri, danda or dandiya and manjira etc. are used to give rhythm or rhythm. Women dance together in groups. In this period, the songs of the Goddess are sung. 

History of Garba

   Well, the history of Garba is about 70 years old. This freedom is also ahead of India too.  Garba dance used to be the pride of the state of Gujarat and Rajasthan and if there was garba in any other place then it was only for entertainment and that too by the Gujaratis. When the Gujarati people started to come out of their state, the Garba dance tradition also reached them in other states. In today's era, Garba is considered to be one of the world's famous dances. Now this is no ordinary or ordinary dance. This garba dance is promoted all over the world.

The people of all the countries of the world are proud to see and play this Garba of Gujarat.

 Goddess and its importance - 9 forms of Goddess

1. Shailputri : The first form of goddess

  On the first day of Navratri, Navilda's "Shailputri" is worshiped in the form of worship. Sheila means mountain ... And this mountain girl, as the first form of Durga, 'Shailaputri', also known as Parvati and Hemavati is also famous. 

Mount Hailaalaya is there as a son in the form of Maa Shailaputri, Taurus The trouser in his right hand and the lotus flower in the left hand is felicitous. This is the first Navdurga of the Twins. The Navadurga was situated here in the mountain, in the previous birth there were 'Sati' Those who were married with Mahadev Shankarji But seeing his father Mahadev humiliated in the sacrifice of his father, Daksha Prajapati, he was burnt to death in Yogin. And this Sati was born in Yogagani as the daughter of Shilraj Himalaya. And also became famous as Parvati. Shailaputra Devi's marriage also took place with Sadashivaji. The importance and power of Shilputri Durga in Navdurga is infinite.

His worship and worship are done on the first day of Navratri Puja. In the first day worship Yogis places their minds in the wheel and the yoga sadhana starts

2. Brahmacharini : The second form of goddess

  In Brahmacharini, there is a second form in the nine Shakti of Durga. Here the meaning of the word Brahman is tapasya. Brahmacharyani means that the devotee, To practice penance. 

   This form of worship is performed on the second day of Durga worship. The form of Brahmacharini Goddess is full of astrological and very elegant. There is a japa wreath in his right hand and a bundle in the left hand.

3. Chandraghanta : The Third form of goddess

The name of third power of Durga is 'Chandraghanta'. Third Day worship is of paramount importance in Navaratri ardhan. This day their worship is worshiped and worshiped. Due to the grace of this goddess, the darshan of the supernatural things happens. Smells are experienced. And many kinds of divine sounds are heard. At that moment, Sadhak needs to be very careful.

   All the sins and troubles of the devotee are removed by the grace of mother. His adoration is fruitful.

4. kushmanda : The Fourth form of goddess
   Kushmanda is the name of the fourth form of Durga. He is known as Kushmanda Devi, due to his lax, light humor, producing the universe. In Sanskrit, Kushmada is called Kumdh. Pulp is the most beloved of sacrifice in the sacrifice. On the fourth day of Navaratri worship, the worship of the Kushmanda devi is worshiped only. 

   When the universe did not exist, this goddess created the universe with its 'Isht' laughter. So this is the basic form of the universe, it is the instruction. Directions are being published in their brightness and light. All the things in the universe and animals are very shadowy.  By taking a few steps on the worship-path of Mother from the Vidhi-Vidhana, the devotee begins to experience the subtle experience of his grace. The worship of Mother is the best and the best way of crossing the Bhavsagar with natural ease. People wishing for their supernatural, extravagant escalation should always be ready for their worship.

5. Skandmata : The Fifth form of goddess
  The fifth form of Mother Durga is identified by the name of the skunk mother. Their worship is done on the fifth day of Navratri-Puja.In his fight Lord Skandji is sitting in his lap in childhood. Lord Skanda is also known as 'Kumar Kartikeya'. His glory has been described in the Puranas by calling him Kumar and Shakti. Due to this being the mother of Lord Skanda, this form is known as Skandmata. 

   His glory has been described in the Puranas by calling him Kumar and Shakti. In the right hand of his right hand which is upstairs, there is lotus flower. The hand on the left side is blessed with a blessed posture and the lower arm at the top is also lotus flower. Thus the skandmata has four hands.

6. katyayani : The Sixth form of goddess
  Kaatyay's mother is the sixth form of Amba. . His form is worshiped on the sixth day of Navaratri's Puja. Visiting self-respecting devotees are blessed with natural affection. When Mahishasur's persecution risen on earth, Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh, all the three gods, gave their share of their own glory and produced them for the destruction of Mahishasur. That is why he is known by the name of Katyayani. 

To get Lord Krishna as her husband, the Gopis performed the same way on the banks of the Puja Kalindi Yamuna.  Maharishi Katariya was born as a daughter. After taking birth of Ashvin Krishna Chaturdashi, three days till Ashtami and Ninth, he took the Puja of the Katni Rishi and slaughtered Mahishasur on the tenth day. 

By worshiping Maa Katyayani, human beings can easily get the meaning, work, religion and salvation fruits of fruits. The mother who truly remembers me removes her disease, fear, anguish, mourning, etc. To serve the sins of birth, they should worship their worship by surrendering. His worship gets supernatural brilliance and influence. 

7. kalratri : katyayani : The Seventh form of goddess
Durga's seventh form is known in the name of Kalratri. Chalratri is worshiped on the seventh day of Navratri. It becomes a participant of the merit of the revelation of this.All his sins and rituals are destroyed. The color of his body is very dark like a dark dark night. Head hair is disintegrated. There are shiny beads in the throat. There are three types of these. The deadly flames of fire come out with breathlessness and anxiety from a nemesis.The right-hand man's hands are in Abhaymudra. In the upper hand of the left hand, an iron fork and lower extremities are in the hands. The form of Maa Kalratri is extremely frightening but it is always auspicious. Thus, the devotees do not need to fear the fear of any preachers or terrorists.

The person should worship Lord Narayana with his inner self. Shubars from their worship can not be ignored. We should always meditate, worship and remember them. Maa Kalratri is destroying the wicked. Demons, demons, monsters, ghosts, ghosts etc. are scared to do so.

8. Mahagauri : The Eighth form of goddess
  Mahagauri is the eighth power name of Mother Durga. On the eighth day of Durga Puja, the statement of Maha Gauri is worshiped. The color of mahagouri is very different. These rumas have been performed with the auspicious conch, moon and kund flower. Their age is believed to be eight years. His power is immense and fruitful. By their worship, all sins of the devotees are washed away. In the future, there is no difference between sin and anguish and sorrow. Mahagauri has four hands. His vehicle is Taurus.

  In the upper right hand, the timer and the lower right hand are in the blessing. Their age is believed to be eight years. In his Parvati form, he had done a great ruthless penance for receiving Lord Shiva in the form of a husband. His pledge was so. :- Due to this harsh persecution, his body was very dark. When Lord Shiva was pleased and satisfied with this tapasya, his body was reduced to the sacred water of Ganges, he became white like an electric power. Since then, his name is Mahagauri. 

We should always keep an eye on him. His grace leads to immense achievement.

9. Siddhidatri : The Ninth form of goddess
Siddhadattri is the name of the new power of Durga. This goddess is worshiped on the ninth day of Navaratri-Puja. All these types of achievements are available to you. She was not incomprehensible to him in the world. It has the power to achieve complete victory over the universe. This number has been shown to be eighteen in the Lord's birthplace. Whose names are this type.
1. Anima 2. Laddam 3. Purchase 4. Prefabrication 5. Glory 6. Personality, personality 7. Universalism 8. Omnibus 9. Telescoping 10. Perversion 11. Degree 12. Illustrations 13. Creation 14. Execution Sufficiency 15. Immortality 16. Superiority 17. Spirit 18. Siddhi

Maa Siddhadatti is in four hands. His vehicle is a lion. She is sitting on lotus flower. The lotus in his lower left hand is the lotus flower.Maad Siddhadatti is the final in Navdurga. According to the classical rituals of worship of eight other Durga worshipers, devotees worship this goddess on 9th day of Durga Puja. Mother Siddhaditya devotees and saints are able to give all these awards. According to the Goddess, Lord Shiva received this principle from the Goddess's grace. By his blessings, only half of Lord Shiva's body was made of Goddess. Siddhadattri does not save the residual of any work within the compassionate devotees of their mother, whom they want to fulfill. 

To get this idea of my feet, we should always be worshiped and worshiped at all times. He is going to take the extreme peaceful Amrit post.

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