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WhatsApp Stickers for iOS & Android! Here's How to Enable the Stickers for Chat & Impress Your Loved Ones and Friends, New WhatsApp stickers update allows you to create your own stickers
Sticker in Whatsapp - New Update of WhatsApp

 New update of WhatsApp: Whatsapp is giving you permission to send Stickers. Now download this New WhatApp stickers App for WhatsApp Sticker and sent it to your WattsApp friends.

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In emoji menu you can find vansop stickers in the near emoji and gif icon.

WhatsApp Sticker - New Update of WhatsApp

   Good news for WhatsApp users. On Friday, WhatsApp launched a new feature that Android and IOS users could send stickers to Wattspe. The talk and the feature have been rumored to be a hit for a while, and in the coming weeks, it will present Android users with a stable version of the voting. But some iOS users of Vostep have already got an update. And they are also enjoying the update. However, this update has also been selected by users. As of now, Wattsp stickers are being seen nowadays.

   In his blog post, WhatsApp also said, "With the ease of emoji and camera feature and animated GIF, we are always thinking of adding new features that make readers easy and fun to interact with friends and family." This blog post generated a move for WhatsApp users and is also seeing its use today.

   However this application is not yet available in Google Play Store. But you can download it directly from the link below here. You can sign up to become a plus-bit user by clicking here. Watap beta allows you to use the next features before hitting the stable version. That's why you should keep in mind that it is an unstable version so that you can see the bugs now and then.

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   Once you've downloaded this new update of WhatsApp, you can use it easily as before. And sticker can also be sent. , You can find stickers icon next to Emoji and GIF icon in Emoji menu. Then you are greeted with three tabs - one with your latest stickers, with your favorite with the second and third stickers. The corner also has a "plus" icon which allows you to add more stickers through the sticker store. From here it can be added and sealed directly. Hundred Good Luck

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If you are not happy with the stickers provided by WhatsApp, then you can create some, and Watts has provided detailed guidelines on how you can do it.

Once you update the app on your smartphone, you can also use stickers on the Watts Web.

Download This Application 👇👇
        whatsapp Aak 2.18.330 : Click here

➤   How To Create Your Own WhatsApp Stickers