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Photo Editor : A powerful photo editing application

Photo Editor : A powerful photo editing application

Photo Editor is a small but powerful photo editing application.

If so, then there are now a number of apps available to edit the photo. And everyone uses any of these apps as their own needs and suits.
But the application I want to talk about here is Photo Edito. There are some features of this app that distinguish it from other apps.Such as -

Photo Editor : A powerful photo editing application
From : www.rdrathod.in - The Education And Technology website

The features of these apps

  • Color: Exposure, brightness, contrast, saturation, temperature, and color are more special than other applications
  • Curves and layers: Beautiful tunings of colors are attractive
  • Effects: Gamma improvement, auto contrast, auto tone, tremor, blurring, oil paint, sketch, black and white high contrast, sepia, and more features are also available in comparison with other applications. You can see that using it.
  •  Text, images, or shapes can also be added, there is also a specialty
  • Frame, Denise, Drawing, Pixel, Clone, Cut out are also easily used.
  • Improvement: Futures such as perspective, lens, red eye, white balance, and backlight are available separately.
  • Easily be edited with touch and pinch-to-zoom interface
  • Important futures such as rotation, direct, crop, resize are also available.
  • Photo can be saved in different formats like JPEG, PNG, GIF, WebP and PDF.
  • View, edit, or delete metadata (EXIF, IPTC, XMP)
  • Your last final image can be saved in mobile gallery, wallpaper or your SD card.
  • Share photos directly on e-mails, sms, voices and Facebook
  • Apart from this, batch, crop, puzzle, zip compress, pdf, animated gif features.
  • Futures like webpage capture, video capture, PDF capture (Lollipop +)
  •  Ad-free option is available for additional add-ons (Settings> Buy Items)
There is no spyware or a virus in the photo editor

Download Application:- Click Here

In fact, the photo adapter is a great application for editing any photo for you. Then once you have a specific use and then tell me your feedback accurately.