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26 જાન્યુઆરી આમંત્રણ પત્રિકા | 26 January Amantran Patrika | useful for All schools

26 January Amantran Patrika | useful for All schools
26 January is our (Indian) republic day, This day is a national festival of joy and happiness for our Indians.

26 જાન્યુઆરી આમંત્રણ પત્રિકા pdf ડાઉનલોડ કરો

26 January Amantran Patrika

  On this day there is a celebration of Tricolor national flag in all the primary schools, colleges, government offices, and many social institutions in India. This day is celebrated very well in the country's primary schools.
26 January Amantran patrika
26 January Amantran patrika

 The celebration of Adivas in Gujarat is seen in a special form. Here, Vandan's work is done by the well-educated daughter of the village for the importance and encouragement of girls' education in primary schools. And the certificate is also given by the school management committee of primary schools. Programs are organized by students and teachers, which have the ability to dance, sing songs, perform exhibitions, play and speak.
January 26th! Our Republic Day! Republic Day
 Thus, this day is celebrated very beautifully here.
In order to celebrate the same day, on 26th January, the school has invited the leaders of the village as well as the invitation card for people who will be very useful for every school and college.