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Aras Paras Badli ni Arjio Yogya Rite Chakasani Karva Babat Paripatra

Aras Paras Badli ni Arjio Yogya Rite Chakasani Karva Babat Paripatra by Prathmik Shikshan Niyamak ni kacheri - Gandhinagar
Date - 16.05.2019
Subject: - The matter of verifying the replacement requests for proper verification. Reference: - Education

According to the above mentioned subject and context, the request for change in various district and district intermediaries according to the provision of the aforesaid, Found on 9/04/2019. It is hereby instructed that adequate study of the provisions mentioned in the consultation resolution should be done to verify the applications. The applications which you do not know according to the rules will be rejected by 019 till the applicants are not able to accept their application with specific reasons. The date for change of correspondence will be announced after the completion of the Code of Conduct. The order for change will be made on the basis of the available evidence for that date. There is no need to hold the candidates in person. The original applicant must be sent to the designated address. A copy related to District Primary Education Officer / Principal and one copy related to Taluka Primary Education Officer will be sent to the full address from ED. They can be ordered in person if they are absent, even if the teacher is not invited. In any case, care should not be made against the provisions of the rules, otherwise the responsibility of the concerned officer will be decided. Take note of

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