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Preparations to privatize government schools in India : View news reports

Preparations to privatize government schools in India : View news reports

Government schools will be privatized all over the country

Of New Delhi Until recently, the Shivraj Singh government of MP had planned privatization of government schools but now the Modi Government has started preparations for personalization of government schools in the whole country. The policy has argued that in the case of studies, government schools in poor level should be handed over to private hands. The Commission believes that such schools should be given to private companies under public-private partnership. The Commission has recommended this in the recently released three-year work agenda. It has been said here. It should be probed that whether private sector can afford publicly funded government schools on a student basis.
Preparations to privatize government schools in India : View news reports

According to the privatization report, the number of government schools has increased over time, but there has been a significant reduction in admission, whereas on the other hand the number of private school enrollments has increased. This has spoiled the status of government schools. The Commission said that due to the absence of teachers' high rate, teachers do not have sufficient time to study while staying in the wall and generally poor quality of education are important reasons, due to which the admission in government schools is decreasing and their condition is poor happened . The result of government schools is worse than private schools. According to the report, in order to explore the possibility of other concrete ideas, a working group should be formed with the participation of the states interested in it.

According to the Policy Commission, I can search the PPP model in this. Under this, the private sector adopts government schools, while on the basis of the perquisite they should be funded publicly. It can solve the problem of schools that have become hollow and spend a lot of time in them. Number of government schools during the year 2010 - 2014 500 increased but the number of boys enrolled in them 13 million decreases. On the other hand, getting admission in private schools. Number of people 1 85 million has increased. According to the data in 2014 15 About 3 In 7 lakh government schools 50 - fewer than 50 students. This is 36 percent of the total number of government schools.

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