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Pratibhashali shikshak pramanpatra

Best Teacher Award Circular

The latest circular for giving "Principal Teacher Certificate" to Primary Teachers

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Shreshth Shikshak Paritoshik Paripatra 2019
Pratibhashali Shikshak Pramanpatra Paripatra

Subject: - Matter of encouraging primary school teachers with "Talented Teacher Certificate".  Reference: - Single file no. Of the office here: Prashini single file.  / 2021/05.  

According to the above subject and context, to state that the date of education department.  Pursuant to the resolution dated 3/08/2017, the primary teacher / headmaster with the noble intention of doing excellent educational work in the primary school of the state and being enthusiastically active in school co-curricular activities, innovative experiments, social contribution etc. 

as well as being useful to the society.  / A plan has been implemented to issue "Talented Teacher Certificate" to the head teacher.

 By the end of the first semester of the current year 2021, the process of selection of teachers for "Talented Teacher Certificate" has been completed and names have to be obtained from all over the state.  

Due to non-availability of teaching work, it is not possible to fully follow the selection process as per 100% multiplication as shown in condition no. 6 and 7 of section B of the said resolution. In such circumstances, for selection of teachers for talented teacher certificate for the first session of the current academic year.  

Assessment should be done keeping in view the wise criteria. 1. covid - 19 During the epidemic the teachers who  Have done special work for learning.  .  Coordinated with students, parents and society during this epidemic, street education and online education work as per the instructions of the government as well as other tasks have been completed effectively and honestly.  .  

Has made significant contributions in the field of education and society in the last five years, has written articles in national and international publications, has done other activities such as annual assessment, online educational activities.  Thus, each CRC will have to prepare a list of three names, keeping in view the above matters, properly checking out the 100% multiplication, making the receivable multiplication.  Is.  This list should be sent to the Taluka Selection Committee by 09/2021.  

Scanned with CamScanne After evaluating the aspects, one has to select a teacher who is fully qualified for the "Talented Teacher Certificate", taking into account all the facts.  The taluka selection committee has selected the talented teacher, the list of names has to be sent to the district primary education officer by 09/08/2021.  *

 Cluster wise list sent by the District Primary Education Officers by the Taluka Selection Committee, in the prescribed form given below, in Shruti font and in Excel sheet only.  Send in soft copy and hard copy at
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