What is Gratuity ? - All information About Gratuity | useful to all employees

What is Gratuity ? - All information About Gratuity | useful to all employees

 What is gravity ??
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 Why is Gravity Calculated ??

How much gratuity will employees receive upon leaving a job?  How is Gratuity Calculated?  See all these details ..

 The Central Government of India has given a great gift to the employees.  Now the private and PSU employees - up to Rs 20 lakh gratuity amount have been tax free.  As of now, the limit is up to Rs 10 lakh and now the government will introduce a bill for this.

 How will this rule apply to organizations?

 The Gratuity Payment Act 1972, as announced by the Government, applies only to organizations in which 10 or more employees are employed.  Often there are reasons why such an employee should retire before the time of retirement.  Gravity can be a major source of income for this.

  How is gratuity calculated?

 According to the rule, when an employee is employed for at least five years, he becomes entitled to gratuity and he has to pay the exact amount of 15 days of last salary for every one year job.

 Easy-to-understand Gratuity in This image.

 How much money will you get when you retire too ??
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✔ Each employee receives gratuity at  After retirement.

 Interesting information on how gratuity is calculated at retirement.

 Online calculator to calculate how much gratuity an employee will receive at After retirement

 From now on, Graduation will get Rs 20 lakh instead of 10 lakhs - Official Press Note and News Declared in 2019

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