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STD 3 Paryavaran Punah Kasoti With Solution Date- 28.9.2019

STD 3 Paryavaran Punah Kasoti With Solution Date- 28.9.2019 | Punah Ekam Kasoti Paper for std 3 to 8 All Subjects

Computer Rise Punah Kasoti Paper For std 3 to 8 All Subjects 

std 3 Paryavaran Punah Kasoti/Re Test Example Download in pdf 

What is a Punah Kasoti unit test ?

The unit test is taken in the form of a paper in standard 3 to 8 of all primary schools of Gujarat state, in which the last Saturday of each week is being conducted on the basis of the unit of each subject on Saturdays. In this one week the number of units in which the unit is completed, the unit test is prepared by the state government. The Gujarati - English - Urdu - Hindi is thus prepared in different languages. And in each primary school this test is taken.

What is punah kasoti / retest ?

All primary schools in the state of Gujarat are being taken on Saturday on the last Saturday of each week according to the units of each subject. After taking this test, the students who are not tested in the test, have been tested separately by the test teacher and rehabilitation is taken.

PUNAH KASOTI UNIT TEST STD 3 TO 8 ALL SUBJECTS DOWNLOAD HERE ; एकम कसौटी कि पुनः कसौटी डाउनलोड कीजिए

Punah kasoti paper std 3 to 5 ; Punah kasoti paper std 6 to 8

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