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Subject: Recruitment of CRC Co-ordinator deputed to the CRC Co-ordinator in the District / Taluka which is vacant in the District / Taluka.  Reference: (1) Letter from this office no.  SSA / MAKM / 1 - 2 hrs.  ૨, ૨.  (3) Letter from this office.  SSATT b.  U  C.  Recruitment: 1/2 - 3 hrs.  ૨૦.  ૩.  3 (5) sec.  ૫.  ૧૦.  Instructions for Applying for Online Online As per above subject, CRC Co-ordinator has been vacant in some talukas in your district.  The Recruitment Rules for Recruitment of CRC Co-ordinators pursuant to references (1) and (2) obtained the permission of the Government which has been issued at that time.  This is what R  R .  According to the Appendix and the accompanying Appendix, the CRC Co-ordinator's vacancy in the taluka is vacant for this vacant only if he / she wishes to work in the CRC Co-ordinator with the deputation of Assistant / Assistant Teacher besides mathematics and science subject in the Government Primary School.  

Applicants will have to apply online from October 1 to October 8, followed by copies of the application and certified copies.  ૨૫.  ૧૦.  He will have to be delivered in the BRC Bhavan by mail / postal by 3am.  Written Examination for this  ૮.  ૧૧.  It will be held at Ahmedabad / Gandhinagar on 2nd.  All the teachers in the taluka of the taluka where the CRC co-ordinate space is vacant will be informed.  (P. Bharti) Enclosure: Appendix - 1: BRC, URC, CRC Co-op.  Norms / Criteria for selection from deputation of Appendix - 1: Instructions for applying "online" Appendix - 1: Details of vacant CRC vacancy for departure report: Hon. Secretary (Prof. & Ma. Education), Education Department, Village Secretariat.  Copies are known as: Director, Primary Education, Block No 1/9, Dr. Jivraj Mehta Bhavan, Gandhinagar Director, GCERT, Sector-1, Ga.  Dhinagara Chairman, State Examination Board, Sector - 21, Gandhinagar E: \ D \ OIC. TTLatnet. Doc substantial:

Appendix - 1 BRC / URC & CRC Co.  O  Regarding recruitment process  ૨.  ૨.  Norms (A) of CRC Co.  O  Norms / criteria for selection from deputation of - (1) Administrative Structure: 1.  Selection from deputation will be given for the first 3 years.  The first five years will be considered as probation.  During this probation the 'Learning Outcoines' of the concerned talukas / clusters' schools (based on the current academic results of the multiplication) will be taken into account.  Depending on the good work done during the deployment after 3 years, the deputation may be extended for a maximum of two years.  Thus a maximum of five years shall be deputed.  Town Primary Education Committee, which concerned the District Education Committee.  The corporation, which is owned by the corporation at Sir Kari Primary School, CRC on the date of application.  Co.  For Primary (Higher Secondary to Std. 4) (other than Mathematics), an Assistant Teacher (except for performing the TAT pass and appointment as Head Teacher) for the Ordinator who is in the district  He will be able to apply for the CRC of the taluka.  And formerly BRC, URC or CRC Co.  Candidates who have been appointed as an Ordinator and have completed the 5 year cooling period will be eligible to apply.  3.  District Panchayat / Nagar Palika / MU for 3 years on the date of application for CRC place.  Experience as a corporation-owned government primary school teacher is compulsory.  Consider the subsequent experience as merit multiplier.  4.  To deem a candidate who is currently under investigation from the district sub-district subjected to moral degradation, crime, police case, personal crime against the applicant teacher.  For this to be verified at the district level.  Formerly BRC, URC, CRC Co.  O  Deprecated for any serious offense that they deem invalid for selection.  s, the maximum age of the teacher applying should not be more than 3 years.  (2) Academic Structure: (1) To prepare a merit list of priority courses  Educational Qualification: Std. 


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