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SSA Gujarat Portal Application - Useful for All Gujarat Primary and Secondary Schools

SSA  Application form of Gujarat Educational Website has been prepared and placed here.  Which will be very useful to every teacher, school, and person involved in education.  With this ssa application all the information you need for education will be readily available.  All links to educational experiments, educational materials, education plans, online entry like this will be easily done with this application.

 You will find all the links to the online entry in this application.  And every entry you make online.  Like ...

Primary schools online Entry All Direct Links
Prathmik school ma SSA Gujarat Portal Ane Aa Sivay pan Anya Online Kamgiri Karva ni Thay chhe. Jena mate School ma Alag Alag Website par Javu Padtu hoy che. To Teni Saralta Mate Ahi Primary School Useful "online Entry All Direct links" mukva ma avel chhe. 
All Teachers ane School Ahi thi Direct link Dvara Easily Online kamgiri kari shakshe.
Ahi online Entry All Direct links ma niche mujab ni Link Aapel chhe

Teachers online Attendance link
Students online Attendance link
MDM online Entry link
Meena ni Duniya Google Form
Digital Gujarat Portal - scholarship link
Aadhar dise online Entry link
Unit Test Online mark entry link
Gunotsav - Teacher portal
Khel Mahakumbh Online Entry
Transportation direct link
School monitoring Application link
Inspire Award Entry link
SSA Gujarat website Direct link
Gyankunj online portal
CWSN SSA portal link

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