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Aadhar dise ma untreached students na teaching babat SSA no paripatra

Ahmedabad, Vadra, Rajkot, Surat Subject: Untraced children's trekking matter under base grass.  General Chat Chat Lounge

 Untard Children's Information (Email) Received by MIS Branch.  Under the whole education, children of the age group of 6 to 14 years are tracked through DICE.  Each year the details of the children who entered the front axle are tracked each year.

 In the year 2019-20, the Uritraced children data from the MIS branch has been measured with the name of the district wise format strong.  This data was verified through Zila RP AS and BRC, CRC, updating the details of migration of each child of Untraced children, admission elsewhere, transfer to other district etc. from the school level to Block MIS at the district level and MIS at the district level.  The verification will have to be sent by the coordinator here.

Gujarat Education Department Dvara Gujarat Rajya ni Prathmik Schoolo Ma Bin Talimi Shixakoe 31.03.2019 Pahela Talim Melavi Leva Babat Letter Karvama Avel chhe.. Aa Letter Nicheni Link Parthi Joi shako Chho.

Niche ni Link Parthi Aap Kheda Jilla no Aa Letter Download Kari ne Joi Shako Chho.

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Aadhar dise ma untreached students na teaching babat SSA no paripatra

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