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Standard 1 to 8 Material

Pragya Ane Bhashadip Karyakram Monitoring Mate GCERT no Paripatra : 24-12-2019

Standard 1-2 pragna and Standard 3 to 8 Bhashadip Monitoring 27 to 31 December 2019. Monitoring by Pragya Pedagogi Co-Auditor on GCERT no circular

Pragna 'and' Monitoring under Bhashadip 'program Letest Paripatra

According to standard 1-2 Pragya and standard 3 to 8 Bhashadip karyakram, the 'Bhashadip' program has been implemented in the primary schools of the state for the students of standard 3 to 8. Your level will be monitored to ensure the program is organized smoothly. In addition, the next date. Intensive monitoring is to be done from 17-12-2019 to 31-12-2019.

Monitoring of the Reading Expeditionary Campaign in Std. 1 Pragya and Std.

In this period, a Pragya Pedagogy co-ordinator is involved with the application for monitoring the planning of the 8 schools as they visit. File / link will be sent separately for data entry of this form.

Expenses for TA DA and honorary wages will be charged under EDN 12.

If a district has a Pata Pedagogi Co-ordinator School Inspector (SI), they are not to be included in this monitoring.

Taking into consideration the above mentioned matters, all the Government Primary and Higher Primary, Government Secondary and Higher Secondary (Government / RMSA / Model / Model Day) belonging to your District / Corporation.  Attending teleconferencing training at their school or nearby school (in case no school is fully closed) on Saturday 28-12-2019 (8:00 pm to 11:30 am) in collaboration with Biseg Today with teleconferencing training.  It was necessary to allocate some kind of grants from the Agaal for measuring the necessary instruction on getting training, as this training was conducted at the school level.  Since, whose request to take special note.

Pragya Ane Bhashadip Karyakram Monitoring Mate GCERT no Paripatra : 24-12-2019

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