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Ration card ni Sevao Gram Panchayat na E-Gram Center Dvara Puri Padva Babat GR. : 19-12-2019

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વોટ્સેપ ગ્રુપમાં જોડાવા ક્લિક કરો
E-gram scheme has been implemented in the state from year 6-9 to streamline the functioning of the Gram Panchayats through the modernization of information technology.

Ration card ni Sevao Gram Panchayat na E-Gram Center Dvara Puri Padva Babat GR. : 19-12-2019
Ration card ni Sevao Gram Panchayat na E-Gram Center Dvara Puri Padva Babat GR. : 19-12-2019

 Connectivity is provided under which the computers at 59 gram panchayats and the ancillary equipment required software is provided, all the e-gram panchayats are available on p.  P.  P.  Based on the model, Village Computer Adventure (VCE) is connected.  |  E - Gram Panchayat Kha So V  C.  E.  Through various G2C and B2C, there are services such as birth certificate, character certificate, income pattern, tax collection, electricity bill collection, g.  S.  P.  C.  Bill Collection, Railway and Air Travel Tickets, Telephone - Mobile Recharge, Insurance, Money Transfer and Mutual Fund Operations.  Services are being provided for other department application forms.

  the Government of Gujarat.  digitalgujarat.gov.  in is providing different types of ATVT services.  Among these services was the active consideration of the Government under the Panchayat, Rural Housing and Rural Development Department.  Adult discretion is ultimately decided by the State Government to provide these services in the following ways:
 Gujarat Government WWW.digitalgujarat.gov Out of the ATVT services provided by the Panchayat, the following are the services provided by the Panchayat, Village Housing & Rural Development Department to the e-Village World Entrepreneur Society through Village Computer Entrepreneur at the e-Village Center.  20 / - (twenty rupees in number) will be provided in writing.

 • Deletion of name from ration card.
 • Adding a name to the ration card.
 • Improvement of ration card.

 The following systems are hardwired to obtain these services.

 • Applicants seeking Ration Card related services, go to GRA Pay Center and fill up the fixed sample form with the help of a computer entrepreneur and submit the required fee along with tea certified copy and declaration of required certificates in this form.

 The Village Commuter Adventure will verify the applicant's form, scan the required certificates and submit the applicant's information to the Digital Gujarat Portal.  Receipt / S, M, S will be automatically verified by other available databases such as Election Card / Dies Locker by the information details system submitted by J Computer Communications.  Will be sent.

 In which the unique number of the application (the probable date of receipt of the certificate) will be written.

 Verifies application details and documents.  It will approve it if it has a suitable owner.

 If the application is found to be incomplete, then the applicant will reject the application with proper reasons and e-mail / s to the applicant.  like this .  S.  Will be through.

 Subsequently, the application will be sent to the Deputy Mamlatdar (Suppl. 3, if all the details of the application are correct, then accept the application and send it to the Mamlatdar Supply for approval).

 If the registry is incomplete, it will be rejected with proper reasons.  Is, then my application to the Mamlatdar (supply).

 Apply for a proper application and digitally sign it.  The certificate will then be issued to the applicant.

 If the application is found to be incomplete / invalid, it will reject the application with good reason.  Procedure relating to the disapproval of the application shall be reported to the Assistant through e-mail / sms, s.  The applicant can then go to the eGram Center to get his updated ration card.

 10, Raba Certificate Applicant will be able to obtain from his digilokar account.  Computer Entrepreneurship - Receipt by VCLE, Internal disbursement of Rs. 20 / - (must be done, amount for self reliance of Gram Computer Engineer, amount received by the concerned Gram Panchayat).

Ration card ni Sevao Gram Panchayat na E-Gram Center Dvara Puri Padva Babat GR. : 19-12-2019

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