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હિન્દી નિબંધમાળા | Hindi Nibandh (Essay) pdf for Std 3 to 8 With Monthly Planning

Download Hindi nibandh (Essay) PDF file writing I love my mother so much. My mother's name. This is what I used to pick up my mom in the morning. Teeth cleaning, bathing, teaching God: good habits they are taught by my mother. My mother offers to drink hot milk in the morning. It also gives me milk snacks.

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My mother prepares me and sends me to school on time. He goes and sends me. When I come home from school to study, my mother welcomes me. He loves me so much. Shake hands with love My mother was sitting next to me. It teaches me my mother's general discussion room makes me cook.

Pick up fruits and cookies from the market and call me for breakfast. My mother brings me supplies. He also brings me story books. I read the poem to my mother before going to bed at night. My mother taught me new songs. My mother also tells me interesting things. I love my mom so much my mom loves me so much

Gujarati Nibandh for STD 3 to 8

Winter is one of the three main seas in our country. Winter, summer and monsoon. It's cold in winter. It rains in summer and monsoon. It's winter.

When the Diwali Party is over, it starts cooling down. People wear fleece coats to prevent the flu. Temperatures are used to cool the villages. Some people are sitting in the sun and they are quiet. At night, people sleep with a blanket. It's winter. Many people wake up on a winter morning. Some are running.

People do exercise, but some people harvest different crops in the winter. Thugs, coppershops, beads and salampaks are famous. Some people eat pills and chemicals. There is a saying: "Good winter, good year." In winter the days are short and the nights are long. In many places, cold also causes cold. Winter is a good summer.

Holi is celebrated on the day of the pagan Sud Poonam. There was a demon named Hiranyakaship. His favorite name was Prahlad. Prahlad was a devout man who worshiped God. His father was an enemy of God. I do not like worshiping Prahlad God. Hiranyakaship had a sister. His name was Holika. It was a blessing not to burn him. To kill Prahlad, Holika sits on her bed on a wooden blanket and miraculously burns. Holika burned and became ashes. Prahlad has been recovered.

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Thus was the triumph of truth and the worship of God. Holi is celebrated on this historic occasion. Prahlad got wet to celebrate with all his joy. They were spitting at each other. Thus the whole assembly turned the color bright red. On holi, in the village or on the road, the priest calls the lamps at night. Everyone loves Holi very much. Holi, people eat saddle, water chickpeas and palma. The next day, Holi is celebrating as a balloon. Nowadays, people are getting color and floating with each other. Kids paint each other a different color. People sang colorful voices for hours. Holi shows are very popular among children.

Mahatma Gandhi's name is one of the most important persons in the world. Mahatma Gandhi is also remembered by great men like Lord Buddha, Mahavira Swami, Jesus Christ. We all know the names of Mahatma Gandhi, Bapuji.

Mahatma Gandhi's name was Mohandas. His father's name was Karamchand. His mother's name was Putulbai. He was born in the year AD. C was born in Porbandar on October 2, 1869; Mahatma Gandhi's wife was called Kasturba. Everyone respectfully called him "Baa". Gandhi married Kasturba at a very young age.

After enrolling in India, Gandhi moved to England. There he learned the rules. After becoming a lawyer, he began practicing law in South Africa. At that time, Gandhi returned to India from Africa, raising the issue of discrimination against blacks and whites in Africa. Nonviolent war was against Britain itself. In Ahmedabad, he has turned the Sabarmati river into a church on the bank. English tax was imposed on salt. For this, he honored Satyagraha.

He went to Sabarmati Ashram for violating this law. Early in Dandi Kutch, he promised: 'Do not go back without Swaraj. There was an English war many times after the departure of Dandi. Several Indian leaders along with Gandhi arrested Britain. They came into effect