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My ration my right | Put a ration card number and know how many rations are available to you ?

મારુ રાશન - મારો હક

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ચેક કરવા નીચેની વિગતો ચેક કરો..

Tamaro Rashan card number Nakho ane Jano ke tamne Ketlu Rashan Malva patra 6.
Includes guidelines and videos for how to survey and make entries.  The first thing to do is to give priority to persons from abroad and then to ensure that all the population is surveyed.

 The list of persons from overseas is available in the dashboard and field workers' mobiles in the district, and includes a guideline for the work done under it.

 Micro planning for the survey will be done by the Chief District Health Officer in all the districts and the Medical Officer of Health in ગthe corporation.

 The survey will consist of a team of two persons in which one employee will be writing paramedical staff and one employee will be writing non-paramedical staff.

 Paramedical staff includes FHW, MPHW and ASHA sisters.

 The non-para medical staff will have to retain the education staff, anganwadi worker or other department employee.

 The co-ordination of this program will be done by the Collector and the Municipal Commissioner in the Corporation in each district.  - The suspected cases found during the survey will have to be entered in the OPD module by the Medical Officer.  (guideline and video will be made available).

 All district will have to have intensive supervision under survey by the Chief District Health Officer and Medical Officers Health in the corporation.

 If you have any questions regarding the Taco Plus application you should contact the Taco Coordinator in the district or contact

 The Head to House Survey will be completed in day-4.

The guidelines have now been published in relation to Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19), which is being spread all over the world, by the Government of India and the Government of Gujarat for all its citizens. Accordingly, the government has advised the citizens to work from their homes and to avoid public contact as per their advice.

The Government of India's Ministry of Labor has also taken into account the possibility of workers being removed from their jobs or forced to remain on leave without pay, in order to make it possible for employers / employees of public / private organizations to employ all workers or employees working in their organization / factory, especially employers or employees. Encourage employees not to quit their jobs or reduce their pay As well as many workers / employees is possible to configure the system that can work from home.

Organizations can also create action plans that provide employees with a laptop / tablet. If a laborer / employee is identified as suspected of being affected or affected by the corona virus or for other reasons associated with this epidemic, if they are absent by date 15/04/2020 then they are considered to be present on the job and any of their pay. Do not shake or squeeze them,

In addition, if circumstances arise as to the closure of your organization or factory as a result of the epidemic, it is requested that the employee / laborer be considered on duty for that time and not pay deduction.

In doing so, we should be committed to the social responsibility of assisting the workers and their families in times of crisis by providing financial and moral support to the laborers working in the state / private institutions / factories in the state.

Digital Gujarat new Rashan card Online Application Registration Details: 

Are you looking for Digital Gujarat or looking for something to register or how to register in Digital Gujarat Portal?  Therefore, Digital India is the right place to get the best results.  Previously, the official services portal was once launched.  The Gujarat government will soon be able to avail various government services through their smartphones and tablets, while the state government will also decide to launch a mobile application.  Digital Gujarat Online 

🅾 BPL ની નવી યાદી ગામ વાઇસ જાહેર કરવામાં આવી છે.

▪ જુવો આપનું નામ BPL માં છે કે નહી

➖ આપના ગામની,તાલુકાની અને જીલ્લા ની BPL યાદી જોવા માટે નીચેની લીંક પર ક્લીક કરો

Application Registration Details: 

Greetings to your website Your good email security Your gobagan is our job

If you can register for registration, Digital Gujarat General Services Portal provides online services to the citizens of Gujarat so that online application and registration can be done.

Application for New Ration Card Process: To fill the form online, you have to click on “Apply Online Apply” button or spread the form flyline and click on “Download Form” button 

Application Application Before submitting the application online, the applicant should prepare service-specific information such as business details, family details, in addition to the original applicant's details. 

All fields marked with (star) are mandatory fields in the application. 

Depending on the language choice, English or Gujarati related language keyboard should be used to fill the application form. 

Document list for new ration card resident proof attachment (any)

  1. A true copy of the electricity bill. 
  2. A true copy of the telephone bill. 
  3. Proper copy of election card. 
  4. Correct copy of passport 
  5. First page of pass bank passbook / canceled check 
  6. Post Office Fee Account Statement / Passbook 
  7. Driving driving permit 
  8. Government Photo ID Card / Service Photo Identity Card issued by PSU 
  9. Water bill (not older than 3 months) 
  10. Descriptive form in case of ownership 
  11. Receipt of property tax
In the case of a lease agreement, consent to the building and proof of ownership of the property
Copy of property card 

New Ration Card Identity Proof Attachment (any one):

In case of any misrepresentation / misleading in the application, the application will be rejected by the Divisional Officers.
  • True copy or election card. 
  • True copy income tax PAN card. 
  • Correct copy of passport 
  • Driving permission. 
  • Government Photo ID Card / Service Photo Identity Card issued by PSU. 
  • Any government document with a photo of the citizen. 
  • Photo ID issued by a recognized educational institution. 
  • Copy of Aadhaar card or election card in case of slums. 
  • A new ration card proof is required in the service connection. 
Apply online for a new ration card in Gujarat Digital Gujarat Government.

If your application is returned for a change or to fill in incomplete details, submit it within 37 days of the return.  Failure to submit within 37 days will result in rejection of the application.  The application fee will not be refunded.

Government of Gujarat is the only digital government application for new government ration card online online application