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VidyaDaan 2.0 invitation for contributing content for the curriculum of CBSE

VidyaDaan Is A program of the nation, for the nation and by the nation to ensure continuity of quality learning Launch of "Vidya-Dan", a program of Digital Infrastructure for Knowledge Sharing DIKSHA to enable education and teaching from 6th standard to 10th class.


Vidya Dan is a CBSE program based on self-prepared educational materials by teachers to donate e-content materials to provide good quality e-materials to schools and teachers in urban and rural areas. Based on donations of e-content to participate in nationwide efforts on school and teacher development, this e-content can be used at any time, at any cost. Vidya Dan program started on 12th September 2019. HRD Minister Shri Ramesh Pokhriyal.

VidyaDaan 2.0

About VidyaDaan Program

Vidya Dan currently has 6000 subject sections for 6th to 10th standard from CBSE schools for subjects like English, Hindi, Mathematics, Science and Technology and Social Science. This material can be viewed online at and for its purpose can be downloaded from the Play Store at DESSA. Named application can also be downloaded.

VidyaDaan Online E-Constant

This is a very good program to better prepare students for life experiences and teachers. Vidya Dan 2.0 has been launched for better teaching through this activity and experimental based teaching and learning. This e-content has been put online with the intention that all students and teachers take advantage of this program.

CBSE has been instructed by the Pride Panel of Schools that the syllabus for Class-1 to 12 Annual Convention with higher education. higher content content as well as content / content in CBSE (SE and TRG). All Details Available on Official website at  The subject matter of the doctrine shared by the universities has been reviewed by the board and details about it have been given, the schools have been selected in CBSE VidyaDan 2.0. It will also certify the credentials of CBSE schools and teachers, which are national awards such as the CBSE Teacher Awards that award certificates / awards to schools / individual teachers.

In this project of CBSE and DICSA. Other panels of the project will be uploaded to IIT, IISER, IIM, etc. All the material is delivered to ‘educate’. 1 to 12 will be useful for all students and teachers.

IMP Website For VidyaDaan Program