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શિક્ષકની બદલી થતાં "છૂટા અને હાજર કરવાના રિપોર્ટનો નમૂનો" PDF અને Word ફાઈલ ડાઉનલોડ કરો

Shikshak Badli Mate Hajar Ane Chhuta Karva Mate na Report no Namuno. Subject: Matters of operation under "Home Learning".  Congratulations on the above subject, to say that with the joint efforts of all of you, a very beautiful work is being done under Homelarning. 

Hajar Ane Chhuta Karva Mate na Report no Namuno

 In the video conference held under the chairmanship of Hon'ble SPD Shri Madam Shri, the innovative efforts made by you in this regard were discussed.  We have a list of children without survey-based devices.  You have been guided earlier for their home learning.  So, we request you to make adequate efforts so that the child without any device is not deprived of home learning and also to report this work to this office. 

શિક્ષકને છુટા કર્યાના રીપોર્ટ નોનમૂનો

 Adequate publicity of each of the Home Learning programs is requested.

Innovative efforts being made by different districts to reach out to more children the programs being aired on DD Girnar by Doordarshan Kendra Ahmedabad under Home Learning, using your community to make TV available in Panchayat Bhavan, Jnatini Wadi, Community Hall etc. by the donor. 

 Programs are shown following the guideline of 12.  In some districts, village leaders / youths make such arrangements at each other's homes and show the programs to the needy children.  Anand TV is providing old TVs to the parents who need TV at negligible cost through organizations / donors through old TV repairing as well as shops. 

 શિક્ષકના હાજર રીપોર્ટનો નમૂનો

Similar arrangements are being made by donors in other districts as well.  Which is very commendable.  Commendable work is also being done to provide old mobiles / tablets to children for Gujarat Virtual School (GVS) online classes.  The idea that the old TV tablet / mobile bank can be set up at taluka level and given to the needy students for home learning is exemplary.

Congratulations on the above subject, that due to the current Koro-Kovid epidemic, the educational work at the school level has been stopped and the educational activities are being carried out through home learning.

 Which is why children studying in school do not have to come to school.  So that the N.S.A.  - As per the provisions of 2013 and Mid-day Meal Scheme Rules-2015, food security allowance is paid to the children by the government as per the prescribed amount in which the cooking cost amount is credited to the account of students / parents as well as distribution of food grains (wheat, rice) to the parents of registered beneficiary children.  Is performed .  Therefore, as per the resolution of the Government, the centers of mid-day meal scheme cannot be inspected.  Therefore, during the course of the educational work, as per the norms of the Government, your office as well as the officers / supervisors of the district / taluka level office under your jurisdiction were conducting the inspection / inspection as per the prescribed day, considering the current Kovid-19 epidemic.  The social distance should be maintained by following the instructions of the health department.  (16-03-2020) Food Security Allowance has been paid since the closure of schools.  )

મહત્વપૂર્ણ લિંક્સ 

➻ છૂટા તથા હાજર કરવા બન્ને રિપોર્ટ પીડીએફ કોપી ડાઉનલોડ કરવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

➻ હજર રિપોર્ટ PDF અહીં ડાઉનલોડ કરો.

➻ હજર રિપોર્ટ વર્ડ ફાઇલમાં અહીં ડાઉનલોડ કરો.

➻ છૂટા થાવાનો રિપોર્ટ વર્ડ ફાઈલ અહીં ડાઉનલોડ કરો

➻ છૂટા થાનાર શિક્ષકની રાજા બાબતનો  વર્ડમાં રિપોર્ટ ફાઇલ અહીં ડાઉનલોડ કરો

 (1) To check the record of the school / SMC as to whether the amount of cooking cost is credited to the account of the children registered in the school as per the daily / monthly report given to the Mamlatdar office by the school / SMC  And what does the school have to pay for food distribution?  Verification In addition () Class-wise bank account of the children and related details (i) Accounts of quantity distribution of foodgrains Details of outstanding distribution (ii) Update of daily report to be maintained from school level.

 (2) Maintaining social distance of approximately five to ten persons from village students, parents, citizens in rural areas by making verbal / telephonic inquiries as well as contacting corporators, ward officers, local leaders in urban areas to get opinion as to whether food security allowance is paid as per rules and  Get their phone number and inquire.  No. Mamlatdar (Inspection) of Mid-day Meal Scheme, Supervisor shall maintain the record of this operation.

 (3) To get the accounts of cooking cost provided by SMC under Food Security Allowance at school level as well as to cover all the schools of the district / taluka conducted by Mid-day Meal Scheme Supervisor, Mamlatdar Shri, Deputy Collector (M.B.Y.O.) and Provincial Officers during the month.  It is requested to act accordingly.  Sending details of monthly school visit checks here.  To see that social distance is maintained during the investigation of this matter.

 (4) B.R.C. during school visit.  / C.R.C.  The Education Inspector etc. should also check the amount of food security allowance / foodgrains distributed under the mid-day meal scheme at the school level and check the accounts maintained by SMC and keep the records up to date.  So that the question does not appear in the audit and audit in future.

 The ideal sample for the aforesaid inspection is attached herewith. Further intensive inspection means the sample can be modified at the local level.  All concerned are requested to give necessary instructions from your level in this regard

Shikshak Badli Mate Hajar Ane Chhuta Karva Mate na Report no Namuno. 

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