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"Gyankunj" Project Antargat Jilla Kaxae Technical Support Person ni Thayel Niyukti Babat Paripatra

"Gyankunj" Project (Fase-2, 2020-21) Antargat Jilla Kaxae Technical Support Person ni Thayel Niyukti Babat State Project Director ni kacheri (SSA) no Paripatra. Date 15/02/2021

Respect to the note of the letter regarding the appointment of technical support person at the district level under "Gyankunj" project (Phase-2 year 2019-20).  With the approval of SPDS, subject to the above subject and context, to state that,

 Under the terms of the work order by the agency under "Gyankunj" project (Phase-2 year 2019-20), only one technical support person has to be appointed at the district level after completion of the first one year.

 According to which the agency has reviewed the performance of all the technical support persons working at the taluka level, out of which only one technical support person has been appointed at the district level.  The district wise name and contact number of the technical support person is sent along with this.  The Chief Technical Support Person will have to take action as per the following instructions

 1. The Chief Technical Support Person has been transferred to District MIS.  Coordinator and Block MIS  The work has to be done in coordination with the coordinator as well as to report to the district project coordinator for administrative work.

 2. The Chief Technical Support Person is entitled to one leave per month.

 3. Attendance and performance report of the said technical support person regarding operational support service shall be collected and submitted by the agency every three months (quarterly).

 4. A quarterly report of the Operational Support Service is attached and sent.  In which details filled district MIS.  Co.  The coordinator and the district project coordinator will have to sign and certify the coins and submit them to the agency for counter signature.

 The quarterly report of the said operational support service shall be given on the basis of the service report of the school visit attached herewith.  The technical support purse will be required to submit the service report of each school visit along with the coin signed by the headmaster of that school to the district level.  The detailed responsibilities of the Technical Support Person (TSP) appointed by the agency at the district level will be as under:

 1. To keep all the hardware and software under the Gyankunj project in operational condition, at the school where the teachers of the school are trained (on the spot training) and with the teachers hand-holding interactive educational work using e-content and equipment.  To equip for.

 2. Ensure that e-content stays up-to-date.

 3. Will be responsible for installation, use and regular monitoring of e-content.

 4. To help students and teachers in commuter training or multimedia and other matters.

 5. Provide adequate training to the school teachers so that they can use the Gyankunj project hardware independently in the classroom as well as overcome minor and major difficulties related to it.

 6. Monitoring and assisting in effective use of infrastructure under the project.

 7. Monitor the downtime of all hardware shutdowns and ensure that it is kept to a minimum.

 8. Complaining and reporting.

 9. Helpdesk, Maintenance and Service contact number to be made available at school level.

 10. Maintain all registers, files, software as well as verify with the teacher in charge.

 11. Perform preventive maintenance periodically.

 12. Organizing and arranging teacher training.

 13. To ensure that the progress details of the project under Management Information System ( are updated by the classroom in-charge teacher and headmaster / principal.

 In the above details, for the effective implementation of Gyankunj project, necessary orders, monitoring and review are asked from your level.

"Gyankunj" Project Antargat Jilla Kaxae Technical Support Person ni Thayel Niyukti Babat Paripatra

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