Nav Vardhit Pension Yojana NPS / CPF Information important PDF File by M.N.Rathod

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1.4.2005 પછી સરકારી નોકરી માં લાગેલ તમામ અધિકારીઓ, કર્મચારી એ આ ફાઇલ ની કોપી સાચવી રાખવા જેવી છે New enhanced pension scheme i.e. important PDF file giving information of cpf / NPS

Nav Vardhit Pension Yojana NPS / CPF Information important PDF File by M.N.Rathod

🔹️નવી વર્ધિત પેંશન યોજના એટલે કે cpf /NPS ની માહિતી આપતી અગત્યની PDF ફાઈલ. માનનીય શ્રી એમ.એન રાઠોડ સાહેબ અધિક તિજોરી અધિકારી સાહેબ , ગોંડલ ના સહયોગથી પ્રાપ્ત થયેલ છે. ખૂબ જ સરળ અને સારી માહિતી આપને મળી શકશે.

Very Important Information National Pension Scheme (NPS) Useful for All Teachers Who Are in CPF Sacheme

NPS (national providont found) Subscriber Registration Form for PPAN, Download Pdf and Excel Form CSRF-1(NPS Subscriber Registration Form). Form CSRF 1.3

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The State Government has implemented a new Increased Payson Scheme (NPS) for employees / officers appointed regularly in the State Government after 2005 or later. The scheme is overseen by The Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA), Government of India. The PFRDA has published guidelines / instructions for partial withdrawal of employees under the NPS of Circular to Central Government.

It was under consideration of the Government to issue instructions for the remuneration of partial employees / officers from their account under the new enhanced pension scheme of the State Government.

CPF Upad form PDF

Careful consideration is finally made by the State Government that, under the newly added Peshwana Chauja (NPS) of the State Government, the resident employees / officers may withdraw, partially subject to the following provisions, from their account before resigning or resigning;

Eligibility for Withdrawals:

1. For higher education of grandchildren's children (including legally adopted children)

2. For the custody of the children of the landlord (including legalized adoptive children).

3. For the construction / purchase of a dwelling house or pallet in joint name with his or her spouse (no less than the heirs of the landlord should own any Rath house or flat with joint name of his or her spouse).

4. For the treatment of the following specific types of illness (Paula's, spouse's, legal guardian's including suppressors and my father's sake)

Nav Vardhit Pension Yojana NPS / CPF Information important PDF File by M.N.Rathod

Download NPS File PDF

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