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6 to 8 Uchch Prathmik Vikalp Paripatra 2021 | All Districts Upper Primary Vikalp Babat Paripatra

6 to 8 Uchch Prathmik ma Vikalp 2021 Babat Paripatra. Sabarkantha, Mehsana, Arvalli, Junagadh, Banaskantha, Tapi. Upper Primary Vikalp Paripatra 2021 Mate Aapva ma Aavel Chhe. Jema Dhoran 1 thi 5 na Lower Primary Shikshako Upper Primary 6 thi 8 ma Java Magta Hoy teni Darkhast Arji Mokli Aapva Babat Aa Letter karel 6.

No. Dist.  / Education / Makam / Primary  / Option / Vashi District Panchayat Office, Education Committee Tapi - Vyara, Ta.  From 30/06/2071, Taluka Primary Education Officer, Taluka Panchayat Office, Vyara, Dolvan, Valod, Songadh, Uchhal, Nizar, Kukarmunda, Dist.  Tapi.  

Subject: - Matter of sending a proposal to accept the option of primary teachers.  Reference - Director of Primary Education, Gandhinagar Letter No. Prashini / K - Policy / 2031 / / 12-9, Ta  11/01/2001 Regarding the above subject, to state that, Director of Primary Education, Gandhinagar, 

Title of the document

uchchatar vikalp paripatra 2021

Dt.  According to the letter dated 11/01/2071, the primary teachers performing duty in the primary department (Std. 1 to 8) in the primary schools of your taluka who  Proposal of teachers who want to accept the option to include the teachers of the primary department (Std. 1 to 8) in the upper primary department (Std. 6 to 8) who are eligible as per Rao of 19/06/2018.  Dated from 01/04/2071  Obtained by 30/04/2071 and asked to submit it at the office here.  

Dated from 01/04/2001  Alternative camp will be organized during 06/02/2001.  Further stating that the primary teachers who had proposed to accept the option last year will have to submit a fresh proposal this year.  District Education Officer District Panchayat Tapi - Vyara

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