All Ek Kadam Aagal e-book : Ek Kadam Agal Question and Anders Weekly Magazine by GCERT Gujarat

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All PDF Ek Kadam Aagal e-Book : Ek Kadam Agal Question and Anders weekly New Magazine e book by GCERT Gujarat education Department and samagra shiksha SSA

GCERT દ્વારા દરેક અઠવાડિયે "એક કદમ આગળ" શીર્ષક હેઠળ ગણિત, વિજ્ઞાન, સામાજિક વિજ્ઞાન તેમજ ભાષાના પ્રશ્નો મુકવામાં આવે છે. 
જે અન્વયે પ્રથમ સપ્તાહથી અત્યાર સુધીના તમામ પ્રશ્નો નીચેની લિંકમાં છે. જેમાં ફીડબેક ફોર્મમાં જે શિક્ષકો પાસે આવા મૌલિક પ્રશ્નો હોય તેઓ પણ GCERT ને પોતાના આ પ્રશ્નો મોકલી શકે છે. 
દરેક જિલ્લાના તમામ પ્રાથમિક અને માધ્યમિક શાળાનાં શિક્ષકો સુધી પહોંચાડશો તેવી આપને વિનંતી છે અને તેઓ રસ લઇને આ પ્રશ્નોના જવાબો મોકલે તેવી વિનંતી.    
_ નિયામક - જીસીઇઆરટી, ગાંધીનગર

Ek Kadam Aagal : Ek Kadam Agal Question and Anders New Magazine by GCERT Gujarat › Ek Kadam Aagal - gcert - Gujarat State Portal

Title : Ek Kadam Agal (Link)
Published by : GCERT Gujarat
Content : Mathematics, science, social science as well as language questions
Year : 2020-21
Publishing Date : Every Week
For : All primary and secondary school teachers

દરેક અઠવાડિયાના પ્રશ્નો
Ek Kadam Agal weekly Questions

Ek Kadam Agal Ukel (Answers)


Mathematics, science, social sciences as well as language questions are put up by GCERT every week under the title "One Step Forward".

All the questions from the first week till now are in the following link.  Teachers who have such basic questions in the feedback form can also send these questions to GCERT.

You are kindly requested to reach out to all the primary and secondary school teachers in each district and send them answers to these questions with interest.

GCERT for consideration of higher courses.  Samayik is published by Gujarat under the name of Ek Kadam Agal in which questions of Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Gujarati subjects are given. These questions correspond to the level of students of Std.  Teacher friends are therefore requested to study the questions sent each week and discuss these questions with the teachers of the applicable questions.  Questions asked under "Ek Kadam Agal" may not relate to the textbook.  But these questions will need to be related to the various concepts taught in Std-6 to 12.  6 to 10 as well as the findings of the study of that subject

The Gujarat Council of Educational Research and Training (GCERT) is a major institution at the state level throughout Gujarat for enhancing quality education in primary and secondary schools.  GCERT has embarked on a unique journey in the field of educational reform, with experiments from chalk to satellite.  This magazine GROWER is a GCERT.  Is an initiative by, the school and the teacher strives to bring together all phases of education - all digital resources.  Resources are available in document, audio and video formats.  Ek Kadam Agal AK Kadam Agal New program - announced by Samaik  Link:
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