Primary School Building Fire NOC / Equipment Obtaining Matter Regarding Paripatra

Primary School Building Fire NOC / Equipment Obtaining Matter Regarding Paripatra
Matter of obtaining fire NOC / equipment for primary school building.  Reference: 1. School Safety Policy-2018 2. Gujarat Fire Prevention and Life Safety Regulation 2018 2. Name. Filed in Gujarat High Court R / Petition (PIL) No. 119/2050 6. 

Joint Director of Education Shri.  4 / Compilation / 2020 / 512-2009, dated 30/12/2050  Letter No. of Joint Director of Education, Gandhinagar: Prashini Six-6 / Compilation / 2021 / 4-6, Dt. 15/06/2071 As per the above subject and reference-1, the provision of School Safety Policy-2018 is currently being implemented in schools across the state. 

School safety essentials / facilities need to be available in schools properly and in sufficient quantity in which it is very important that the school has the necessary fire safety facilities considering the fire safety related matters in the school.  It is pertinent to mention here that due to frequent representations made during school visits and frequent representations here, many schools do not have access to essential fire safety facilities or are found to be inadequate or not functioning.  Have. 

Apart from this, PIL has also been filed in the Gujarat High Court under the name of Reference-2, according to which the letter of Reference-2 has instructed to provide the necessary facilities of fire safety in all the schools of the district, taking into account all the provisions of Regulation-2 in Sabarkantha district.

Primary schools will have to take mandatory action in schools as per the following guidelines regarding fire NOC / equipment of fire safety.  Guidelines for fire safety: 1.  Every 20 students in the school must have a FIRE Extinguisher.  

If the number of students in the school is less and the classroom is more then there must be FIRE Extinguisher (fire extinguisher) per 5 meters.  If the school has more than one floor then FIRE Extinguisher must be on each floor as per (1) and (2) above.  .  .  Scanned by CamScanner.  Required) Schools must have all FIRE Extinguisher.  For this, refilling of FIRE Extinguisher at regular time as well as repairing of FIRE Extinguisher regularly.  

School should not have flammable substances or necessary materials (keep science safe. School electrification should be up-to-date to prevent electric shot-circuit in school. School should have mandatory MCB and ELCB fitted electrification. Heavy line passing through school  If there is a power transformer next to the school in the school premises, it should be removed. 10. 

The competent officer regarding fire safety from the school should have a fire NOC.  If it has to be done, it should be renewed immediately. 12. Copy of Fire NOC should be displayed in the school bulletin board. 12. Schools which have to get Fire NOC should contact the Regional Fire Officer, Shri Fire Station Sector-2, Gandhinagar-206.  

To apply for Fire NOC. 9. As per reference-1 to 4, all the primary schools should take into consideration the above guidelines and provide flawless fire safety matters / facilities in the primary schools.  In the meantime, if the above instructions are not followed and any incident occurs in the future, legal action will be taken against such school which will be taken seriously

Primary School Building Fire NOC / Equipment Obtaining Matter Regarding Paripatra