Prathmik/Madhyamik Shikshako Mate Staff Quarter Proposal Babat Paripatra

Prathmik/Madhyamik Shikshako Mate Staff Quarters Babat Paripatra, 05/04/2021

Matter of need of staff quarters for primary and secondary school teachers in your district.  According to the above subject, for the teachers of primary and secondary schools in your district who do not have access to schools, Remote Area, Hilly Area, Tribal Area.

As per the provisions of the Government Resolution dated 23/05/2012 and from time to time, out of the primary / upper primary teachers working in the primary school under the Sabarkantha District Education Committee, the teachers who want to transfer to other districts by district transfer, district transfer unilateral transfer form for district transfer.  Accept the form in your office till 31/12/2020 and send the proposals in two copies along with the supporting evidence after 31/12/2009 to 08/01/2021 with a separate list by subject department.

 Forms will no longer be accepted.  If any question arises regarding the delay, the responsibility for it will be with the concerned TAP.

 (Primary Teachers Transfer File All Patrako na Namuna PDF Download karo)

Prathmik Shixako na Badli Niyamo ma Ferfar Paripatra. Matter of change in the rules of transfer paripatra.  Letter of the Department of Education regarding publication of amendments in the rules of transfer of Higher Primary Education / Teaching Assistant, Primary Teacher / Teaching Assistant.  Latest Circular of Gujarat Education Department 26-10-2020

 Significant amendments have been made in the resolutions of 23-05-2012, 18-02-2014 as well as 27-04-2016.  Learn what is the change in the new rules of exchange

Rules for the transfer of Upper Primary Teacher / Legislative Assistant, Primary Teacher / Legislative Assistant have been published under the reference (1) dated 23/2012 of this section.  Subsequent amendments to the resolutions under reference (2) to (12) are then published.

Title of the document

Teacher Staff Quarter Paripatra

 Submission to the provisions made under the reference (8) of this department dated 27/07/2020 for the provision of similar benefits to the non-transferable employees of the Gujarat Public Service Commission under the reference (13) of the General Administration Department dated 27/08/2018  The letter was received by this department.  Thereafter, the Director, Office of Primary Education, from the letter dated 09/07/2020 with reference (14) to make necessary corrections in Chapter (b) (4) of the resolution dated 18/02/2014 of this section and single file under reference (15).  With the note dated 08/09/2020, it has been proposed to make necessary corrections in the resolution dated 23/05/2012 of this department.  Considering the report received through the General Administration Department and the above mentioned report made by the Director, Primary Education as well as various ancillary issues under consideration, with reference to this department dated 23/05/2012 under reference (1), dated 18/02/2014 (  5) Resolutions under as well as Dat.  The matter of making necessary amendments in the resolution under reference (8) dated 27/04/2016 was under consideration of Sakka Shri.

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