Summer Vacation ma Bin Vacation Patra Karmachario ni Kamgiri Babat Paripatra

Summer Vacation ma Bin Vacation Patra Karmachario ni Kamgiri Babat Paripatra, Date-29/04/2021

Subject: - Academic year 2020-21 regarding summer vacation.  Reference: - Corona virus (Covid-12) of the education department number: Mashab / 1903 / Chhi dated 9/06/2081.  

As per the instructions given by the Education Department with the above subject and reference, in the Government of Gujarat and affiliated with the Government of Gujarat in all government, grant-in-aid, self-reliant primary schools, children's teaching temples, practicing schools and teaching temples in the summer of 2030-21.  Dated from 07/2021.  Declared till 0304091. 

Non-vacation eligible employees must attend during vacation as per rules.  The other instructions given in the reference resolution of the education department have to be followed.  All organizations under your jurisdiction should be informed about this.

Reference: - (1) Letter No. of the office here: MUMSHAB Research / 2016 / 214-217 dated 7/06/2017 (2) Circular No: MASHAB / 1903 / Six dated 19/06/2021 (3)  Letter No.: MUMSHAB / SHONDHAN / 3031 / 303-40 Dt. 9/09/2071 Mr., according to the above subject and context, to state that, from the reference letter-2 to the students studying in Std-9 and Std-11 for the academic year 2020-21  Provision has been made to take the pass from the mass promotion to the upper standard by declaring it

Due to the situation of coVID-19 in the academic year 2020-21 through the school principals / teachers regarding the above mentioned letter-2, due to the situation of students' attendance and internal assessment, unit test as well as some representations regarding the first examination have been received by this office  In response to the above representations, FAQs have been prepared as per Form-A attached herewith. 

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