Jillafer Antarik ane Jillafer Aras Paras Badli Ni Arjio Jilla kaxae Mokli Aapva Babat Niyamak Kacheri no Paripatra. Date- 28/04/2021

જિલ્લા આંતરિક અને જિલ્લા અરસ પરસ બદલી 2021
● જિલ્લા આંતરિક અને જિલ્લા અરસ પરસ ફેરબદલીની અરજીઓ સંબંધિત જિલ્લાઓને આપવા બાબત
● જુઓ ક્યારે હુકમ આપી દેવામાં આવશે?

Subject: - Matter of popping the petitions of Se Fera Dali on District Khantrik and District Aras to the concerned districts.  Regarding the above subject, stating that as per the provisions of Rule-1 to 3 of the Change of Resolution Purses dated 23/05/2012, regarding the applications received by your district by 31/03/2021 under the District Internal and District Aras Purses Transfer.  

The following action should be taken.  Your district will have to scrutinize the district internal and district aras purse transfer applications received from your level as well as the teachers who are not eligible as per the provision of the resolution of the education department will not be able to accept their application from your level on 06/05/2021.  

Must be reported in writing by  All the applications and the district / town education committee will have to prepare the details in the following prescribed form by dividing the applications of the teachers who are eligible for the transfer of district internal and district aras pars.

Every year a camp is organized at the office of the Director of Primary Education to meet the requests of the district / town education committees in person, but due to the epidemic of Kovid-19 this year, the camp cannot be organized in these circumstances.  

So that out of the applications received in your district till 31/03/2021 for the district internal and district aras pars transfer applications, the accepted applications should be received by the district / town education committees related to your level by 10/05/2021.  Hardcopy and soft copy (in Shruti font) of the details prepared in the prescribed specimen form-1 and 2 mentioned above should be sent to this office at mili.dpe.guj@gmail.com by 12/05/2021.  Then on 20/05/2021, you will have to make orders for the transfer of your district interior and district aras pars. 

 Orders for replacement of District Internal and District Aras will have to be made.  It does not require candidates to be present in person.  The original copy should be sent to the teacher at the indicated address.  One copy should be sent to the concerned District Primary Education Officer / Govt. Officer and one copy should be sent to the concerned Taluka Primary Education Officer in full address from Reg.  Orders can be given in person if the teachers of District Internal and District Aras Pars Transfer are present even though they have not been called.  In any case take care not to make orders contrary to the provisions of the rules otherwise the responsibility of the officer making the order will have to be determined. 

 Take note of which.  In addition, in accordance with the provisions of the resolutions and amendment orders issued from time to time by the Department of Education, the decision for the transfer of the District Internal and District Aras Pars will have to be taken from the District Primary Education Officer, Govt. 

This office will not have to correspond with you for guidance in this matter.  Proceedings shall be conducted within the stipulated time frame as per the dates mentioned above.  Details of the level at which the application is pending to be accepted / sent due to delay in accepting / sending in case the need arises for the approval of this office to accept such applications or transfer to another district.  

The relevant school / pay center / taluka / district level responsible officer will have to submit a proposal including the reasons for the delay and the details of the punishment order given to him for the delay, including the self-evident opinion of the district primary education officer.  Other than that the proposal will be made on file.  Take note of which.